The Many Honorary People in the History of Coffee

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The Many Honorary People in the History of Coffee

The Many Honorary People in the History of Coffee



“Why, this Satan’s drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the Infidels have exclusive use of it.” -Pope Clement VIII


The Pope was referring to the coffee discovered by Muslims and brought to Christian Europe roughly four hundred years ago. Before he tried it, the suspicion and speculation was likely to ban the drink entirely, until he baptized it and inaugurated its global outbreak.

Fast forward a couple centuries and the relationship between coffee and the world intensifies exponentially. These are some of the major figures that led to people developing dependency issues for their cup of Joe.

Thank you, Arabs Fifteenth century, southern Arabia 

The Arabic people were the first to brew coffee beans into a drink. Everyone else before them consumed it through different means, the most common being in an energy bar made with ghee.



Thank you, Leonhard Rauwolf Sixteenth century, Europe 

German physicist, botanist, and traveler Leonhard Rauwolf was the first person to mention coffee in Europe. After his travels to Aleppo, Syria, Rauwolf returned to his home in Ausburg and wrote about coffee, which he refers to as Chaube, in his travel book Rauwolf’s Travels, a review of the customs and traditions in the city of Aleppo.

“…of this they drink in the morning early in open places before everybody, without any fear or regard, out of China cups, as hot as they can…” (Rauwolf 1582)

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.55.32 AM



Thank you, Pasqua Rosee 

Seventeenth century, England

Pasqua published the first printed coffee ad written in English after opening the first coffeehouse in the country. The remarkable ad, “The Vertue of the COFFEE Drink”, introduced Brits to the foreign drink, all its health properties, and advised them to consume it twice a day. Today, the handbill could be found in the British Museum, who preserved the valuable memorabilia.


Thank you, Anonymous proprietor Eighteenth century, New York

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.38.31 AM

A proprietor from New York started the business of wholesale coffee roasting in 1790. His new coffee manufactory sold roasted coffee in a variety of pots “so as to keep good for twelve months.”

Thank you, John and Charles Arbuckle Nineteenth century, Pennsylvania

arbuckleThe Arbuckle Brothers are responsible for allowing us to easily prepare the staple of our diet the way we do today. Brother John invented a machine that effectively ground roasted coffee and packaged it for distribution. Prior to John, people could only buy whole coffee beans and roast them at home. “Arbuckle’s Ariosa” was the first ever national brand of packaged coffee.




Thank you, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and  Gordon Bowker Twentieth century, Washington

You may be familiar with a small coffeehouse chain called Starbucks. The three alumni from the University of San Francisco were inspired by the teachings of Alfred H. Peet to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment. Starbucks first opened on March 30, 1971 in Seattle, Washington. From 1987 and 2007, an average of two Starbucks shops opened daily, eventually amounting to over twenty-one thousand franchises worldwide. We can all agree that they made good progress.


Next time you sip mindlessly on your fourth coffee of the day, take a minute to appreciate everything it took for the warm, or cold, dark, or light, elixir to reach your hands.

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