Last Words From 16 Iconic People

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Last Words From 16 Iconic People

Last Words From 16 Iconic People

Moving, witty, sad, or eerie, last words are sometimes just as iconic as the people who said them. Here are 17 examples of last words from notable people who made a difference in the world while still living.

Raphael: The Italian artist’s last word was simply: “Happy.”

Marie Antoinette: She accidentally stepped on her executioner’s foot on her way to the guillotine. Her last words: “Pardonnez-moi, monsieur.”

Vincent Van Gogh: “La tristesse durera toujours”, which translates to “The sadness will last forever.”

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Harriet Tubman: Singing with her family gathered around her deathbed, her last words were, “Swing low, sweet chariot.”

Oscar Wilde: “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.”

John Wayne: He turned to his wife and said, “Of course I know who you are. You’re my girl. I love you.”

Freddie Mercury: “Pee pee”, while dying of AIDS, asking to be helped to the restroom.

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Humphrey Bogart: To his wife Lauren Bacall who was leaving the hospital to pick up their kids. “Goodbye, kid. Hurry back.”


Groucho Marx: “This is no way to live!”

Jack Daniels: “One last drink, please”.


Frank Sinatra: “I’m losing it.”

Walt Disney: Last (written) words were “Kurt Russell”, and no one, not even Russell, knows why.


Karl Marx: “Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”

Bob Marley:  Last words to his son Ziggy were: “Money can’t buy life”.

Joan Crawford: She yelled at her housekeeper, who was praying as Crawford died. Crawford said, “Damn it! Don’t you dare ask God to help me!”

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Marilyn Monroe: To fellow actor Peter Lawford: “Say goodbye to Pat, say good-bye to Jack and say good-bye to yourself, because you’re a nice guy”, over the telephone.



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