Famous People with Depression

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Famous People with Depression

Famous People with Depression

Despite the fact that many mental illnesses still face incredible stigma, depression has started to come into public awareness, especially as more and more celebrities open up about their struggles. In fact, many famous people throughout history have had the condition. Check out these amazing individuals who accomplished despite their depression.

1. Robin Williams

Robin Williams struggled with depression and alcoholism for his whole life, despite his joyful public persona. He committed suicide in 2014.


2. Winston Churchill

The Prime Minister of Britain during WWII was key in the defeat of Hitler, but in his private writings he talked about the “black dog,” his term for his overwhelming depression.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was one of the most influential presidents in the history of the U.S., but while he was working to keep the country united, he suffered from severe depression.

4. Demi Lovato

One of the most outspoken advocates for mental health on this list, Lovato has opened up about her bipolar, eating disorder, and depression often.

5. Isaac Newton

Although undiagnosed during his lifetime, the amazing mathematician had several nervous breakdowns and was well known for serious anger problems.

6. Vincent Van Gogh

Well known for his emotional problems, Van Gogh channeled his emotions into his paintings. No one knows exactly what his diagnosis would be, but he combined depressive states with times of manic energy. He committed suicide when he was 37.

7. Ludwig Von Beethoven

Many of Beethoven’s most famous works came during periods of psychotic delusions and serious depression. He used opium and alcohol often to quell the emotions, and died of liver disease.

8. Buzz Aldrin

One of the most famous astronauts dealt with depression and alcoholism after he returned from the moon, but he eventually recovered and went on to serve as chairman of the National Mental Health Association.

9. Kurt Cobain

With an early diagnosis of ADD, Kurt Cobain fell into drugs that eventually caused his death and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

10. Diana, Princess of Wales

The much-loved princess had serious personal struggles, living with both bulimia and depression.

11. Charles Dickens

The prolific author wasn’t exactly cheery in his writing, and he struggled with depression for much of his life.

12.  Billy Joel

Despite his rise to fame, in the 70s Joel found himself struggling with depression and even attempted suicide.

13. J.K. Rowling

When she was still a struggling single mother, Rowling got hit with depression. She says that writing Harry Potter was a big part of moving through it.

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