Cuddle Up With One Of These 9 Largest Dog Breeds

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Cuddle Up With One Of These 9 Largest Dog Breeds

Cuddle Up With One Of These 9 Largest Dog Breeds

There’s nothing like coming home to your best furry friend, your beloved pooch, your fur-babies! There are hundreds of dog breeds out there, so which one is best for you? Maybe you like the little pups, or even medium-sized dogs. Or perhaps you’d like one of these huge dogs!

1. English Mastiff

While the English Mastiff isn’t the world’s tallest dog, it is the heaviest. Currently, a mastiff named Hercules tips the scales at 282 pounds. In general, however, they usually weigh in around 250 pounds. They typically do not get taller than 30 inches. They are loveable and docile, but require quite a bit of space to move around, for obvious reasons.

2. Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is a long and gangly breed of dog, once bred to bring down stags inhabiting the Scottish Highlands. They grow anywhere from 28 to 32 inches tall, if not more, and weigh anywhere from 75 to 110 pounds.

3. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

A sturdy breed with a slightly aggressive temperament, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog weighs in at around 99 pounds and grows to be approximately 28 inches tall. They are rather intelligent dogs, and are a very obedient breed that was originally bred to fend off predators of the Caucus Mountains.

4. Kuvasz

Hailing from Tibet, the Kuvasz is an extremely large breed of dog, with adult males reaching up to 30 inches tall and weighing up to 150 pounds. They are well-known for their luxurious coats of thick white fur. Even though they hail from Tibet, they are typically associated with Hungary because of the royal family employing them as their exclusive guard and hunting dogs.

5. Leonberger

The Leonberger is a large breed of dog that comes from at least three separate breeds – the Saint Bernard, the Great Pyrenees and the Newfoundland. While no one person is entirely sure of the roots used by Heinrich Essig for the Leonberger, we do know that it sure is one tall pup, standing anywhere from 28 to 31.5 inches tall and weighing from 120 to 170 pounds!

6. Newfoundland

If one thing is for sure, it is that the Newfoundland breed loves water! They were originally bred to pull heavy loads, haul in fisherman’s nets and rescue people who were drowning. This breed is well known for it’s thick and water-resistant double coat of fur, and webbed feet. Yes, this dog has webbed feet. Male dogs have an average height of 28 inches, and typically weigh in at 130 to 150 pounds.

7. Anatolian Sheperd

This pup has great roots. These Turkish flock-guarding dogs were used to ward off wolves as well as other dangers and predators. Many are still used in the same capacity today. They are fiercely loyal to family. Males are rather tall, coming in at a height of 29 inches at the shoulder, and weighing anywhere from 110 to 150 pounds.

8. Great Dane

We’ve all known of at least one Great Dane in our life. Stumped as to who? Why, Scooby-Dooby-Doo, of course! Great Danes can grow to be very tall – up to 40 inches – and weigh around 120 pounds. Out of all the dog breeds, their coats are the most unique, with some coats appearing almost blue.

9. Dogue de Bordeaux

Much like the English Mastiff, the French Mastiff is one of the very oldest breeds in Europe. The most distinctive feature of these adorable dogs is their very large heads. They are very energetic, and they grow to about 27 inches tall and weigh around 150 pounds.

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