Coolest Facts About Japan

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Coolest Facts About Japan

Coolest Facts About Japan

Japan has long captured the imagination of those in Europe and America, and modern Westerners are no exception. This might be because Japan has always done things a little differently from everyone else. Check out these things that are uniquely Japanese.

1. Japan has a fairly amazing terrain. It’s over 70% mountains, and has 200+ volcanoes.

2. Melons are incredibly expensive. A musk melon (similar to a cantaloupe) can sell for over $300.

3. About 85% of Jamaica’s coffee production ends up in Japan. They love their coffee.

4. Japan puts a high priority on school. Their literacy rates is nearly 100%.

5. It’s considered good manners to slurp when you’re eating (especially noodles) in Japan because it shows that you’re appreciating the meal.

6. Japan has four different writing systems. These are romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

7. There are almost no immigrants to Japan, which means the population is 98% racially Japanese.

8. Baseball has become incredibly popular in Japan thanks to the presence of Americans post-WWII.

9. One of Japan’s specialty foods is blowfish. In order to become a blowfish chef, one needs over 10 years of training because the fish is incredibly poisonous unless prepared properly.

10. In Japanese, the word karaoke means empty orchestra.

11. It’s not uncommon for Japanese companies to have morning exercise sessions for workers.

12. Anime (Japanese animated movies and TV shows) make up about 60% of the world’s entire animation. Japan has almost 130 schools for voicing anime characters.

13. At one point sushi was street food.

14. It is inappropriate in Japan to blow your nose in public.

15. The Japanese monarchy is the longest-reigning in the world.

16. The Japanese constitution was written with an article that fully renounces war and aggression.

17. It’s considered a Christmas tradition in Japan to go to KFC.

18. Schools in Japan don’t have janitors because children are expected to learn how to clean for themselves. School sets aside time every day for students to do the cleaning.

19. Since Japan has labor laws that keep companies from firing people without a good reason, some Japanese employers have come up with a way around paying the benefits packages to fired employees. They assign an incredibly boring task and hope the employee quits.

20. It’s considered a good thing to be caught napping at work in Japan because it means you’re working too hard to get enough sleep.

21. Adoption in Japan is very common, but not for kids. 98% of all adoptions in Japan are of adult men, particularly in cases in which the father needs someone to keep his family name and business alive.

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