9 Memorable Disney Characters That Don’t Have Names

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9 Memorable Disney Characters That Don’t Have Names

9 Memorable Disney Characters That Don’t Have Names

Beauty and the Beast

Disney has created some of the most widely recognized characters to ever appear on film. Some of their most memorable characters, however, don’t have a real name. Witches and elephants, princes and mothers, read on for 9 memorable Disney characters that never got a name.

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast – He undergoes one of the most significant transformations of any Disney character, both emotionally and physically, but for all the insights that Belle gains into his soul, his name is never revealed. Some fans of the film have dubbed him Prince Adam, but that is not officially his name.

Beauty and the Beast - Beast

Prince Charming from Cinderella – Cinderella and the Prince fall in love in one night at the ball, and yet the audience never learns his name. He is referred to as “Prince Charming,” but really, he is never named in the film.

Prince Charming - Cinderella

Queen/Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Everyone remembers her poison red apple, but no one can recall her name. She is one of the most memorable Disney villains, and she remains unnamed aside from the Queen or the Witch.

Queen - Snow White

Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo – “Baby of Mine” is a beautiful lullaby, and her love for her baby Dumbo emanates from the screen. As memorable as she is, however, she is only known as Mrs. Jumbo, while interestingly there is no Mr. Jumbo in sight.

Mrs. Jumbo - Dumbo

Bambi’s Mother from Bambi – Her death was the most traumatic moment of many moviegoer’s childhoods, and no one knows her name. She suffers the fate of many Disney mothers, that she birthed a child and lost her name.

The Genie from Aladdin – “Genie” is not a name, it is a description of what he is. The Genie gets his freedom by the end of Aladdin, but he still has no name of his own.

Genie - Aladdin

Hook-Hand Thug from Tangled – He has a dream to be a concert pianist and the voice of Brad Garrett. Somehow, however, he missed getting a real name.

Hook Hand Thug - Tangled

The Witch from Brave – Julie Walter’s portrayal as the Witch was great comic relief in Brave, but like the Queen/Witch, she doesn’t actually have a name.

Witch - Brave

Fred’s Father from Big Hero 6 – Okay, maybe the Big Hero 6 writers didn’t need to give Fred’s father a name since everyone already knows who he is. There is a slim possibility that he isn’t actually Stan Lee but someone who strongly resembles Stan Lee and is also voiced by Stan Lee.

Fred's Dad - Big Hero 6

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