9 Comic Book Characters That Won’t Be Getting Their Own Movie Any Time Soon

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9 Comic Book Characters That Won’t Be Getting Their Own Movie Any Time Soon

9 Comic Book Characters That Won’t Be Getting Their Own Movie Any Time Soon

Comic books have brought us many famous heroes and villains – images of Batman, Superman and their foes brought inspiration to many a young kid who wanted to be a hero.

And one giant robot. (From Warner Bros)

And one giant robot. (From Warner Bros)

However, what they also gave us were a bunch of obscure characters that most people never heard of. Below are nine of them.

  1. Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (DC)


Hoppy is a pink rabbit who lives in the quaint town of Funny Animalville (seriously). One day, the bunny, whose favorite superhero is Captain Marvel, decides to try his hero’s magic word – “Shazam.” This transforms him into the Marvel Bunny (although his powers were later shown to have been bestowed on him by the Bunny Wizard. Go figure.).

  1. Arm-Fall-Off Boy (DC)


Arm-Fall-Off Boy has a very descriptive name. His superpower is detaching his own limbs to use as weapons.

  1. Mister Banjo (DC)


Mister Banjo is one of Captain Marvel’s first foes. He acts as a spy for the axis powers in WWII, where he uses his banjo to transmit secret messages.

  1. Ani-Mator (Marvel)


Dr. Frederick Animus was a geneticist who was employed (after a short jail sentence) to find a way to stop the process that creates mutants. After setting up on an island (which he calls “Paradise”), he instead dabbles in gene splicing, creating a group of mutants called the “Ani-Mates.”

  1. Bird-Brain (Marvel)


Bird-Brain is one of the Ani-Mator’s Ani-Mates that escapes the island. Bird-Brain has some real trouble fitting in in the outside world, though – he eats every bit of food in sight and has such a simplistic language that nobody can understand him.

  1. Mandrill (Marvel)


As his name suggests, Mandrill looks like a monkey. The product of a nuclear accident, Mandrill’s superpower is his ability to use pheromones to control women.

  1. Porcupine Pete (DC)


Porcupine Pete is probably one of the rare comic book characters to have well-adjusted parents. Porcupine Pete, as his name implies, is covered in quills what he can fire at will. The only problem is that he can’t aim them – they just shoot all over.

  1. Doctor Bong (Marvel)


This evil doctor has two things going for him – an advanced knowledge of genetic engineering and a big bell-shaped thing on his head. He is a conscientious supervillain, though – he takes breaks from villainy to get married and earn a Ph.D in psychology.

  1. Hourman (DC)


Hourman is actually a name taken by three separate superheroes.The first two were father and son that derived their powers from a drug developed by the father called Miralco. The third (since this is, after all, a comic book) is an android from the 853rd century who derives his powers both from his mechanical nature and a machine called the Worlogog, which gives him control over time.

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