8 Fears of the Famous

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8 Fears of the Famous

8 Fears of the Famous

Everybody has fears.  Fear is instinctual and keeps us alive.  Personally, my fears are pretty typical  – snakes, mice, spiders, and any number of gross, crawly things.  The thing about fear is that everybody has at least one, even celebrities.  So here are 8 celebrities and their fears.

8) Walt Disney

File:Walt Disney 1946.JPG

Walt Disney’s fear is the most ironic.  I mean, knowing that Disney and I share the same fears makes me feel a lot better.  Walt Disney was terrified of, wait for it, mice.  The man who made a career of drawing cute mice in pants was, in fact, so scared of mice that he spent a fortune on pest control.

The definition of masculine and the factors females use to choose a mate are much more complex in men than in mice.


7) Meryl Streep


Some celebrity fears are entirely justifiable.  I still have nightmares about flying in an airplane, but I always assumed helicopters would be a bit better.  Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep would strongly disagree.  Her most paralyzing fear, helicopters.  I guess they are pretty terrifying with the flight and the one propeller and the high-speed blades.  Maybe, I should be more scared of helicopters.

File:LAPD Bell 206 Jetranger.jpg


6) Eminem

Eminem does a fine job of portraying a tough guy feuding persona.  His crew cut and Clint-Eastwood-in-The-Good-the-Bad-and-the-Ugly stare make him look fearless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  You see, there are some beasts that cannot be shaken – that will never stop hunting their prey until they grab it in their talons.  These terrifying, flying monsters are known as. . . . owls.  Yes, when Eminem hears the hoo hoo-ing of owls at night, there isn’t a blanket thick enough for him to hide under.

File:Bengalese Eagle Owl.jpg


5) Matthew McConaughey 


All right, all right, all right.  Matthew McConaughey is having the kind of career renaissance that can redefine a person.  After becoming an actor known for second-rate romantic comedies, McConaughey has since became an Academy Award winning actor who can nearly shape-shift into roles that require drastic physical transformation.  Unfortunately for the Texan, he is not entirely unstoppable.  There is one piece of human technology that leaves him running for the back door, rotating doors.  McConaughey’s fear of getting stuck in a rotating door isn’t entirely irrational.  Who wants to get trapped in a glass and metal cage of doom?
KA022 Header

4) Tom Cruise

Seemingly un-aging, Tom Cruise will forever look like the boy dancing in Risky Business, and he pays for it.  Apparently, Mr. Cruise regularly spends thousands of dollars on hair serums, treatments, and, probably, potions to prevent his glorious head of hair from thinning.  He is so afraid of going bald that he often leads prayer sessions to keep his hair healthy.  Well, that last part is a rumor and probably not true, but we will never know.


3) Madonna

Madonna confirmed to perform at Grammys

Madonna is no stranger to pyrotechnics.  Her concerts typically have fire, lights, lasers, explosions, electricity, and whatever spectacle you can imagine.  Perhaps these effects spectacles are some ways of coping with her debilitating fear of thunder.  Thunder, while an entirely common fear, is an odd fear for such a shocking celebrity to have. (Yeah, I know that pun was bad, but deal with it)


2) Woody Allen
Woody Allen

An artist known for his neuroticism as much as his films, I expect Woody Allen to have some interesting fears.  So, I dug and dug, but no mentions of cockroaches, rat, tornadoes, or the dark, but it does appear that Woody Allen is afraid of bright sunlight.  Why bright sunlight?  Well, it seems that it’s a mixture of sunburn, blinded eyes, and the things the bright light exposes.  So, there you go.  A satisfying fear from the great Woody Allen.

sunlight on the hill Sunlight Wallpapers

1) Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of, well, everything, Oprah Winfrey is not a celebrity.  She transcends celebrity.  She will probably be looked at by future civilizations as or queen or a deity.  Oprah is not entirely perfect, though.  Oprah has a fear that borders on phobia causing dread and terror.  Chewing gum.  Apparently, growing up, her grandmother would save all of her chewing gum to put on the furniture.  Now, yes, that is quite surreal and honestly disturbing, but being afraid of chewing gum is quite odd.  So, in a couple thousand years, when archeologists discover our civilization, our queen and deity Oprah Winfrey will have one weakness in their tales, chewing gum.

Kid chewing gum

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