8 Facts You Need to Know About Terry Pratchett

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8 Facts You Need to Know About Terry Pratchett

8 Facts You Need to Know About Terry Pratchett

Last week the fantasy and sci fi world lost one of its greats. Terry Pratchett contributed dozens of books that were beloved across the world, and yesterday he finally succumbed to the Alzheimer’s that had been plaguing him since 2007. Pratchett leaves behind an amazing legacy, and whether you’re a newbie to the Discworld or have been following his career since The Colour of Magic, here are some things to know about the sharp and witty mind of Sir Pratchett.

1. Terry Pratchett remained full of his trademark humor until the very end. His friend Rob Wilkins had been running his Twitter feed since Pratchett had become unable to himself, and at 11 a.m. on March 12 he posted the following tweets:

The tweets reference one of Pratchett’s most beloved characters, Death.

2. After his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s, Pratchett became an advocate for people with degenerative disorders and donated over $500,000 to research.

3. For fans who can’t imagine the world without the Discworld series, Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna will be taking over the series, calling herself a custodian.

4. Despite his amazing talent for writing, Pratchett didn’t originally want to become an author. His first choice in career was astronomy, and then he moved to journalism. He started as an author writing short stories under the pseudonym ‘Uncle Jim’.

5. Until 2005, Terry Pratchett was the top-selling author in the UK. J.K. Rowling unseated him with the Harry Potter series, but he remains in second place. His books are translated into 36 different languages and have sold over 60 million copies.

6. In the 2000s, Pratchett became critically acclaimed. He was made a Knight in 2008 (gaining the title of Sir), was awarded four doctorate degrees and won the Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book three times.

7. Although many people might see Alzheimer’s as the end of a career in writing, Pratchett simply called it “an embuggerance” and continued writing until the end, publishing his final book last year. This was the 40th book in the Discworld series, Raising Steam, which he completed with the help of voice-recognition software.

8. Starting in on Pratchett’s work can be a daunting task, as he’s written over 70 books in total, and the Discworld series alone contains 40 novels. However, Pratchett made it easy to jump in, as he created a number of subseries within Discworld, as well as some stand-alones. For a helpful guide to the various mini series that Pratchett has written, check out this graphic.

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