7 Facts About Your Favorite Food – Burgers

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7 Facts About Your Favorite Food – Burgers

7 Facts About Your Favorite Food – Burgers

The all-American hamburger, perhaps the U.S.’s most popular food, is a favorite of many, and its popularity is reasonable.  Juicy, savory, fatty, and served in a sandwich form with crispy and gooey toppings, burgers are our most convenient and immediately rewarding foods.  Though not made of ham, despite its name, this beef patty originates from Hamburg, Germany and immigrated to the U.S. with German immigrants.


Oh, quit with the Patriotic food names already

Remember during the post-911 events, some restaurants started calling french fries and french toast “freedom fries” and “freedom toast.”  Well, that happened before.  During WWII, American restaurants started calling hamburgers Liberty Sandwiches.  Because nothing screams freedom like a greasy, beef patty in between a bun.

4th of July burger ideas


Iron Man (Dis)Approved

In 2003, Robert Downey Jr was having a terrible time.  Drugs were taking over his life, his career was beyond stagnant, and he was a fast food junkie.  Two of those are way worse than the third, but you get the point.  Total mess.  So anyway, on one of his regular fast food stops, the future Iron Man stopped at his regular fast food stop, Burger King.  After ordering a Whopper from the drive-thru, Downey took a bite only to feel disgust.  The taste repulsed him, and he had an epiphany.  He threw the drugs, along with the Whopper, out the window and sought help.  A few years later, Downey was Iron Man.  Burgers change lives, kids

Robert Downey Jr.


America’s #1 Meat

American’s love beef, but, despite all of the steak we eat, the majority of the beef goes into the ever-popular burger.  In fact, if you lined up all of the burgers we eat in a year (3 per person a week on average) the line would circle with Earth over 32 times.  Considering in that year, American’s consume 50 billion burgers, that’s enough burgers to feed every person in Rhode Island for a year.


The Burger-Based Economy

The Economist magazine once created an indicator for the countries economic power based on how many McDonald’s Big Macs could be purchased for fifty American dollars.  While this just seems like a fluff project to publish during slow news periods, some countries took it very seriously.  In fact, Argentina lowered the prices of Big Macs more than half to raise their ranking on the Big Mac Economic Index. bruger king money


That’s one pricey patty

Las Vegas’s Fleur de Lys sold, perhaps, the most expensive burger.  The FleurBurger 5000 (Floor Burger?), kobe beef, black truffles, and foie grass, was served with a bottle of 1990 Chateau Petrus ran guests $5,000.  If I ordered a burger that expensive, I’d hope to chip my tooth on a diamond.

Most expensive burger in the world


Less disgusting than I expected

Circa 2006, between news and documentaries, people were angry on the verge of rebellion.  Video showing a McDonald’s cheeseburger never rotting made fast food eaters sick, but the reality is a lot less terrible than it sounds.  There isn’t some secret formula of preservatives that can make food immortal.  McDonald’s just dries their beef patties out to the point that they lose almost all moisture and turn into jerky.  Now, yeah, that’s pretty gross too, but is it the lesser of two evils?

Here is the finished beef jerky.  Delicious and ready to eat!  Click on the photo to enlarge.


The Name Game

We already established that hamburgers got their name from the city of Hamburg, Germany, but the modern hamburger, a beef patty in between two pieces of bread, was invented in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century.  Despite this fact, PETA had a proposition to make to the city of Hamburg, NY (yeah entirely unrelated to the sandwich).  PETA requested that Hamburg change its name to Veggieburg for $15,000.  They didn’t do it.

*that’s a PETA ad with Michael Clarke Duncan.  Why? Because he’s Michael (freaking) Clarke (freaking) Duncan


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