7 Cryptids You Might Not Be Familiar With

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7 Cryptids You Might Not Be Familiar With

7 Cryptids You Might Not Be Familiar With

A cryptid is a creature (or a plant) whose existence is suggested, and sightings and evidence are claimed, but has never been any scientifically documented proof. In some cases, there are multiple reported sightings, and some cryptids are more well-known than others, such as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. These cryptids, however, you might not be as familiar with.



In Africa, stories of a living dinosaur called Mokele-mbembe have circulated for hundreds of years. The stories stem from Congo River Basin folklore, and many expeditions have attempted to find evidence of the great creature. None have been successful, but it’s likely expeditions will continue.


This Asian cryptid is a giant bat — or perhaps a living pterosaur, or even a flying primate. It has been “sighted” on the island of Java, but there has been no recovery of material evidence. Some say a couple species of owls might be mistaken for the unusual creature. It remains a mystery, however.



The bishop-fish, also known as the sea bishop, is a legendary sea creature similar to a merman. The story goes that one was captured and taken to the King of Poland, who hoped to keep it. The creature appeared to a group of Catholic bishops, who released it, making the sign of the cross as it went on its way.


This unique, bird-like creature has been said to be found in southwest Germany. It has scales instead of feathers, and while it looks like a chicken, sometimes it’s depicted with antlers on its noggin. It’s reported to be the result of crossbreeding regular fowl such as chickens and ducks with goblins and elves.



This beast is said to have lived in Wisconsin, where one was reportedly “captured” in the late 1800s. The prankster who caught the hodag claimed that the creature had originally become extinct because the white bulldogs it preferred to eat had become scarce in its area. Since then, it has become the mascot of a local high school and is the official symbol of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Bear Lake Monster

This particular cryptid is said to inhabit Bear Lake, which is located near the Idaho-Utah border. Reports vary, but it is said to be a serpent-like creature that is at least 40 feet long, although some say that it’s as much as 200 feet long. While the original were said to be a hoax, sightings continue to be reported as recently as 2002.



You might find the bunyip in Australia, where it is also known as the kianpraty. Its origins are in Aboriginal folklore where it’s said to inhabit bodies of water. One was reportedly captured and speared to death after killing an Aboriginal man, and an outline was said to have been made of its body. This outline no longer exists, unfortunately.

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