7 Creepy Coincidences in History

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7 Creepy Coincidences in History

7 Creepy Coincidences in History

These eerie incidents are not for the faint at heart. Throughout history, strange occurrences have happened to well-known people and regular folks, just like you.


1. Stories about twins are a dime a dozen, but there are some that are just too creepy to be ignored.


Twin boys, born in Ohio, were separated at birth. They were adopted by different families but, unbeknownst to the parents of the boys, the twins were both named James. Both boys grew up not knowing each other but led the same lives:

-They both had first wives names Linda divorced their wives and married other women.

-They both divorced and remarried women named Betty.

-Both were law enforcement officers.

-Both had children, including sons named James Allan.

-Both had at one time owned dogs named Toy.

After 39 years of separation, the James Allan twins were reunited.


2. Fourteen years prior to the Titanic’s maiden voyage, in 1898, author Morgan Robertson wrote a book named, ‘The Wreck of the Titan’. Incidentally, these were the exact circumstances as the Titanic, who met her demise in the same way Titan did.

Futility-2 Titanic

The similarities are haunting:

-They were both about an 800-foot liner that collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic around midnight in April.

-Both ships were British build and 800-feet in length.

-Neither had enough lifeboats.

-Both ships were deemed “unsinkable”.


3. Picture this: You’re taking a walk along the streets of Detroit, when a baby suddenly falls from an apartment up above. You catch the baby and no one is injured. Strange enough, right? Imagine walking down the street about a year later when the exact same thing happens. Joseph Figlock actually had this happen to him in Detroit in 1930. Both incidents happened with the same baby. Not sure what’s stranger, the incident happening twice with the same people involved or Child Services not being called on the parents.











4. This story is about 2 women, both from the village of Erdington (5 miles outside of Birmingham, England), who suffered the same demise.


Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford were both 20 years old, shared the same birthdates, were raped then strangled to death, and both bodies were found 300 yards from each other. Their deaths not only occurred in the same exact manner, but also happened on the same day. Incidentally, both women had just got done visiting a friend that evening, then each changed into a new dress, and had gone to a dance – presumably meeting their killers, by the name of Thornton. Same killer? Nope. These killings happened on May 27th, 1817 and 1974 exactly 157 years apart. If you believe in reincarnation, perhaps this is more than a creepy coincidence?



5. During the creation of a video game called Deus Ex, the gaming engineer forgot to add the Twin Towers in the New York skyline. In order to correct his mistake, the game added to the story line that they were missing because of terrorist attacks. The game was released in the year 2000.



6. In 1950, a Nebraska church exploded. While this was an unfortunate event, there was certainly a silver lining to the incident. That evening, 15 people were scheduled to arrive for choir practice. Practice began precisely at 7:20 pm, however, every one of the 15 members were spared being a victim of the explosion, but how? The coincidence that evening was that every single member was running late due to various reasons:


-Two women were delayed due to car trouble.

-The minister’s daughter had a soiled dress, thus needing to stop and remedy the situation.

-One girl, a student, had a geometry question to finish.

-Another member stuck around home to finish listening to  a radio show.

-One person took a nap and woke up late.

Even though calculating the odds is nearly impossible, past performance shows that each choir member would be late for practive one-in-four times, thus producing a one-in-a-million chance of all 15 members being late for practice.


7. In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe released a book called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”, a book about 4 crewmen on a whaling ship who ended up having to draw lots to see who would get eaten after being stranded and hungry for days. The lot landed on a cabin boy named Richard Parker. Fast forward 46 years; and disaster at sea caused legal uproar because 3 crewmen ended up eating their cabin boy named Richard Parker after drawing lots.

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