7 Common Foods That You Can Overdose On

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7 Common Foods That You Can Overdose On

7 Common Foods That You Can Overdose On


While there’s absolutely no harm in most everyday, common foods, but sometimes there is some danger in eating too much, aside from gaining weight. Here are 7 common foods that you can overdose on.

  1. Coffee. Drinking more than 14,000 milligrams of caffeine will kill you. That’s about 70 cups a day. Thankfully, most people only can drink one to two cups a day and can only drink about 400 milligrams.
  2. cup-of-coffee

  3. Tuna Fish. According to the New York Times, eating too much raw tuna during the week could result in mercury poisoning. This is due to the fact that tuna fish consume more mercury pollutants than any other fish in the ocean because they are higher up on the food chain than most fish. So it’s best that you eat less than six pieces a week.
  4. tuna-fish-sushi

  5. Carrots. Surprisingly, eating too many carrots can result in your skin turning orange. This is because of all the beta-carotene carrots pack. However, the only way for your skin to turn orange is if you eat a half a cup of carrots everyday for months on end.
  6. carrots

  7. Soy Sauce. Using more than a quart of soy sauce in a sitting can result in hypernatremia, or taking too much sodium in the blood. Your body can’t process that much sodium or salt, so it starts to break down without any water. One tablespoon of soy sauce will be more than enough for anyone.
  8. soy-sauce

  9. Nutmeg. Ingesting too much nutmeg can result in hallucinations, fear, and anxiety. There are only two recorded cases where eating too much nutmeg resulted in death. Two to three teaspoons is when nutmeg starts to become toxic, so stay under that and you’ll be fine.
  10. nutmeg

  11. Star Fruit. The fruit is dangerously toxic. Eating too much star fruit can result in nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and convulsions. It’s pretty serious! If you have kidney problems, eating star fruit can also result in kidney failure. This is the reason why star fruit is only used for garnish, but if you do end up eating it, only do so in moderation — about a half cup per week.
  12. Water. While our bodies are made up of mostly water, drinking too much of it can result in death, which is extreme and rare. However, there are mild cases of hyponatremia that are seen in marathon runners after they finish the 26-mile trek. Your body can process only so much water, so it’s advised that you drink about 12 cups (96 ounces) of water a day.
  13. glass-of-water

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