6 Unnerving Facts About The Zone Of Silence

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6 Unnerving Facts About The Zone Of Silence

6 Unnerving Facts About The Zone Of Silence

Mexico’s mysterious, magical zona del silencio–the Zone of Silence, is located only 400 miles from El Paso, Texas. Deserts are mysterious enough without the added weirdness that this odd patch of Earth. It gobbles up
radio and TV signals, and has recently been associated with the UFO phenomenon.

 The Zone of Silence is a desert situated in Mexico less than 500 miles away from El Paso, Texas. With high deposits of this zone is the home to a plethora of strange rocks and fossils. Many, many mysterious happenings have been recorded over time in this area that have never been totally explained. To this day, the Zone of Silence remains an unsolved mystery.

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The first strange occurrence was recorded in 1930 when a pilot reported that his instruments malfunctioned and his radio system quit working. In 1970, an American missile fired from a base in New Mexico went completely off course, crash landing directly into the Zone of Silence. Many believe that the missile was pulled into this zone by unexplained magnetic forces.


After being investigated by the U.S Air Force, it was found that neither the radio or satellite signals permeated the Zone of Silence, giving the mystery further legitimacy. The Mexican Government has even constructed a research station to investigate the strange occurrences in this area.

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Mystic lights, UFO sightings, and alien encounters have all been reported in this zone. Many locals even believe that this area could have been (or still could be) an alien portal.


The Zone of Silence is parallel with both the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle. It’s also located close to the North of Tropic of Cancer. Scientists believe that this is at least in part, one of the reasons for the strange occurrences in this area.

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Even stranger yet, this zone has strange unexplained ancient ruins. These ruins pose a unique puzzle to the archaeologists. There is still no explanation as to the origin or age of these ruins.


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