6 Tiny Homes You Will Want To Live In

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6 Tiny Homes You Will Want To Live In

6 Tiny Homes You Will Want To Live In

Size matters: Bigger isn’t always better and in a world short on space, our carbon footprint is something to consider. Architecturally efficient homes are reaching new heights in popularity in novel ways. From homes on wheels to shed-like structures, tiny homes are making the most of their space. Usually measuring less than 300 square feet, the effect of the tiny house movement is anything but tiny.

1. The Gypsy Wagon

Nestled  away in a Canadian cedar forest, this quaint 8’ wide x 20’ long caravan, has been parked in this forest for a few years now. Yes, parked – meaning it’s totally moveable by truck or tractor since it’s on wheels. This particular Gypsy Wagon was built on a salvaged 5 ton truck chassis that cost $100. The size was determined by the width legally allowed on public roads without the need for a “WIDE LOAD” escort car.

gypsy-wagon-in-the-woods-1 download wagon8 (1) wagon12


2. St. George Island Tiny House

This solar powered tiny house is situated on an island in Florida and is supplemented  by 2 Quiet Honda generators. The water and stove are powered with Propane. It’s also a legal R.V., allowing the owners to park it on their lot while meeting county restrictions for R.V.s. The interior of the tiny house has beadboard walls and ceilings and bamboo wood floors. The house is only 325 square feet but comfortably sleeps 2 to 4 people.

st-george-island-tiny-house-1 10422939_747722628676045_5959050370225514324_n



3. Rusty’s Restored Airstream

Who says a tiny home has to be newly built? With more and more people upcycling, restorations are a great option for people looking to downsize and help the environment. Not to mention Rusty’s Airstream is a pretty swanky vintage slice of heaven on wheels. Rusty Lazer restored the 1976 Airstream and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Love the color scheme, Rusty!

rustys-restored-airstream-1 rustys-restored-airstream-2 rusty-lazer's-restored-airstream-is-a-stylish-colourful-creative-tiny-home-on-wheels-theflyingtortoise-006 rustys-restored-airstream-4

4. EcoPerch (By Blue Forest)

As the website says: “The ecoPERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural and organic geometry maximizes the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape.” The pre-fab house that can be used as a treehouse and erected in just 5 days. Sleek eco-friendly living is possible!

Blue_Forest_ecoPERCH_tree_house_accommodation_1_gallery-image eco_PERCH_5_gallery-image eco_PERCH_6_gallery-image eco_PERCH_3_gallery-image


5. Eagle Point Tiny House

This house was built to camouflage into its surroundings. Designed by the team at Prentiss Architects, the home is located on San Juan Island, Washington. Notice the green grass roof and amazing views of the Pacific.

download (2) download (1)eagle-point-2


6. Innermost House

This is not your typical tiny house. The Innermost house is that of a small dwelling in the California mountains. The goal for owners Diana and  Michael Anthony Lorence is to retreat from the world in order to free themselves to pursue a life of simplicity and inquiry. They live a philosophical life with no power, using fire as their only source of heat for warmth, water, and other daily needs.

a1 - Version 3_1312311972515innermost-5 innermost-2



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