5 Really Cool Tombstones Of Normal People

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5 Really Cool Tombstones Of Normal People

5 Really Cool Tombstones Of Normal People

Tombstones are something most of us don’t like to spend a whole lot of time thinking about. Way back when, before cemeteries, families would bury loved ones near their houses. Atop these resting grounds, they would place rocks/stones to keep the dead from coming back. Now we place headstones out of tradition and as a way of easily identifying a loved one. While cremation might become the more popular after death choice, there is no denying that some tombstones can be neat.

The Catholic Woman and Her Protestant Husband (Died 1880 & 1888)

It’s fascinating and frightening to look back in the history of religion. It used to be that no decision could be made about a person until their religion was discussed. For a man and woman who married each other, despite their religious differences, their religion would continue to play a vital role in their deaths. J.W.C van Gorcum was colonel of the Dutch Cavalry, and when he died, he was buried in the Protestant cemetery. J.C.P.H van Aefferden, his loving wife, was a Catholic, and when she died, she was buried in a Catholic cemetery next door to her husband. In fact, she was born of nobility but refused to be buried in her family tomb. Instead, she was buried on the other side of the wall next to her husband, pictured below.

Catholic Protestant

David Alleno (18??-1910)

As a gravedigger for the Recoleta Cemetary in Bueno Aries, Alleno saved every penny to be buried where he worked. For 30 years, he worked in that cemetery until his life savings was drained, and his gorgeous tomb was erected. Rumor has it he went home the night it was completed and committed suicide so he could start his eternal life in his new tomb.


Lester C. Madden (1931-1983)

As a film fan, and more importantly a Horror movie fan, this is my favorite stone on this list. Madden was such a big fan of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws that he had a portion of the poster made into his tombstone. I wish I had known this guy in life!


Archie A. Arnold (1920-1982)

One day while driving around Hicksville, OH (no, it’s a real place) Archie Arnold accidently backed over two parking meters. He paid for the replacements, and the police let him take home the broken ones. In death, Arnold instructed the meters be placed on either side of his headstone and set to “Expired”.


Paul G. Lind (1974-2005)

In his short life, Paul became an avid Scrabble fan. He was a master, and when he passed away, the family knew exactly how to preserve Paul. His tomb is a detailed replica of a Scrabble board, and his name and dates are portrayed with Scrabble pieces. In 2013, vandals attacked the tombstone and damaged it, upon hearing this a Scrabble charity event was held to raise money for it to be fixed.


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