26 Thanksgiving TV Episodes You Can Totally Watch Online NOW

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26 Thanksgiving TV Episodes You Can Totally Watch Online NOW

26 Thanksgiving TV Episodes You Can Totally Watch Online NOW


Although there aren’t many Thanksgiving movies out there, it seems the holiday was made for TV. Almost every sitcom, comedy, and drama on television has a very good Thanksgiving episode. Here are 25 TV episodes you can watch online right now.

  1. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The only thing more traditional than turkey, cranberries, and football is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. Available on Hulu.
  2. “Turkeys Away” from WKRP in Cincinnati. While WKRP in Cincinnati might be a little too “before my time,” “Turkeys Away” is one of the best Thanksgiving episodes of all-time. It’s the type of episode you can just jump in and enjoy the hilarity. Available on Hulu.
  3. gilmore-girls-thanksgiving

  4. “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” and “He’s Slippin ‘Em Bread… Dig?” from Gilmore Girls. One of the best things about having Gilmore Girls on Netflix is watching through a nostalgic lens. There are two Thanksgiving episodes during its seven-year run; “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” from season three and “He’s Slippin ‘Em Bread… Dig?” from season six. Both are available on Netflix.
  5. Thanksgiving Orphans” from Cheers. Not only is this a great Thanksgiving TV episode, it’s also one of the best bottle episodes with the entire cast of Cheers confined to Carla’s home for the holidays. Available on Netflix.
  6. “Shibboleth” and “The Indians in the Lobby” from The West Wing. There’s nothing more American than watching a TV drama about the President of the United States during Thanksgiving time. Available “Shibboleth” and “The Indians in the Lobby” on Netflix.
  7. full-house-thanksgiving

  8.  “The Miracle of Thanksgiving” from Full House. This is the first Thanksgiving episode from Full House and the first family gathering without Pam Tanner, Danny’s wife and the girls’ mother. Available on blogspot.
  9.  “Cliff’s Wet Adventure” from The Cosby Show. I was hesitant to include this episode because of everything going on with Bill Cosby now, but it’s doesn’t (shouldn’t) change the fact that this is a very good Thanksgiving episode from The Cosby Show. It’s the one where Cliff has to keep going out to the supermarket to buy stuff for Thanksgiving. Luckily, Bill Cosby isn’t in the episode that much. I’m glad I decided not include 7th Heaven on this list. Available on Hulu.
  10. mad-men-thanksgiving

  11. “The Wheel,” “Public Relations,” and “Dark Shadows” from Mad Men. There are three Thanksgiving episodes (so far) on Mad Men. “The Wheel,” “Public Relations,” and “Dark Shadows” are available on Netflix.
  12. “No Nukes Is Good Nukes” from Family Ties. Steven and Elyse Keaton get arrested during an anti-nuclear rally. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Available on Netflix.
  13. “Home Is Where the Afghan Is” from Rosanne. This was a later episode of Roseanne during its final season where the Connors “won” the lottery. It involves Thanksgiving and gay adoption. Available on Logo TV.
  14. “Turkey Day” from Boy Meets World. Cory & Shawn put their differences aside to celebrate Thanksgiving together after they learn about class warfare in Africa and America. Available on Polly Streaming.
  15. happy-days-thanksgiving

  16. “The First Thanksgiving” from Happy Days. Marion Cunningham is upset that her family is losing the true meaning of Thanksgiving, so she daydreams that her family and friends were at the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Native Americans. Available on Hulu.
  17. its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-thanksgiving

  18. “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The gang wants an ideal Thanksgiving, so they want to make amends with all of their enemies, including The McPoyle, Bill Ponderosa, Gail the Snail, and That Random Guy. Available on Netflix.
  19. “Thank You” from Adventure Time. It’s considered one of the best episodes of Adventure Time, so you can’t go wrong. Available on Amazon Prime.


Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Celebration (8 episodes). Learn to create the best Thanksgiving ever with Martha Stewart on Hulu.

Also while Friends won’t be on Netflix until early 2015, you can actually watch every Thanksgiving episode (10 episodes) from the NBC sitcom in the supercut below.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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