21 Millionaires Under 21

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21 Millionaires Under 21

21 Millionaires Under 21

Many of us dream of making millions, but some teenagers have actually accomplished this goal – some even before graduating high school. Whether they made their money through good investments, computer skills, or chance meetings, here are 21 young people who became millionaires before they turned 21:


1. Ashley Qualls.

The founder of WhateverLife.com got her idea when she was just 14. She used her site to create free MySpace layouts. She was offered $1.5 million and the car of her choice for the site, but she declined and became a millionaire on her own. She now has an estimated seven million dollars per month and earns millions in advertising. She bought her own $250,000 home in Michigan in 2006.


2. John Koon.

Koon created Extreme Performance Motorsports, an auto parts business, when he was 16. He got a deal with MTV to provide products for the reality show Pimp My Ride, and used that connection to make a fashion line. He’s currently worth $40 million.


3. Sean Belnik.

He took $600 when he was 16 and started an e-tail shop, selling small items like trading cars. He then founded BizChair.com and sold furniture. In four short years, he was worth $24 million.


4. Captain Sparklez.

This YouTuber turned his love of gaming into cash. He posted how-to videos on YouTube and then expanded his channel to detailed gaming tips. He’s now one of the highest earning YouTube personalities today, worth over $8 million.


5. Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook was founded when Zuckerberg was a college student at Harvard. He is now one of the wealthiest people in the country, worth about $33 billion. His salary as CEO of Facebook is only $1.


6. Andrew Fashion.

He designed mini rocket launchers and was worth over $2 million by the time he was 20. By the time he was 22, however, he had blown all his money on girls and gambling.


7. Tim Sykes.

He invested all his bar mitzvah money in penny stocks and turned it into over $1.5 million by his 21st birthday.


8. Chris Phillips.

He founded Dot5Hosting when he was 17, and made his first million by providing Web hosting and domain name registration. By the time he was 19, he was making $10 million annually


9. Madison Robinson.

A 15-year-old flip-flop designer, Robinson extended her Fish Flops line into apparel and an app. She earned $1 million through Fish Flops sales before her Sweet Sixteen.


10. Dominic McVey.

When he was 13, this ingenious Londoner began to import scooters from the U.S. because it was cheaper to import them than to buy then domestically. He sold them locally for a profit and became a millionaire by the time he was 15.


11. Mike McDonald.

When he was 15, McDonald’s parents starting pressuring him to get a job. He didn’t want the typical teenage job, so he began playing online poker. He is now worth more than $5 million.


12. Matt Wegrynz.

At 17, he became a millionaire by buying and selling domain names. Some domain names went for six figures, securing his wealth.


13. Nick D’Aloisio.

Also a millionaire by 17, D’Aloisio designed a news app worth $30 million. He started coding when he was 12.


14. Tyler Dikman.

When Dikman was in eighth grade, he was charging $15 an hour to fix computers. He happened to get a babysitting job for the Vice President of Merrill Lynch, Malcolm Taaffe. Taaffe offered him an internship, which turned into a full-time job two weeks later. He then started his own computer repair business called Cooltronics and made millions.


15. Fraser Doherty.

Doherty turned a $9,000 loan into millions. When he was 14, he made homemade jams using his grandmother’s recipe. By the time he was 16, a major U.K. supermarket asked to stock his products. He now has millions of dollars and a recipe book on Amazon.


16. Cameron Johnson.

His parents asked him to design invitations for an upcoming holiday party. People around the neighborhood were impressed by his work and began offering him money for other design jobs. By age 11, he has several thousand dollars in revenue with his greeting cards. He took that money and formed his first online business, SurfingPrizes.com. He earned around $350,000 a month from the site. He was worth over $1 million before he graduated high school.


17. David and Catherine Cook.

The brother and sister duo became millionaires by creating MyYearbook.com, an online version of the traditional high school yearbook. Their oldest brother Geoff invested $250,000 in start-up money, and his younger siblings launched the site. The business’ net worth is currently around $100 million.


18. Adam Horwitz.

Horwitz had a goal to create a million-dollar company by the age of 21, and he succeeded. He launched several websites at the age of 15, but struck gold with Mobile Monopoly, an app that teaches users how to utilize mobile market leads. He sold the app for a six-figure profit, which he used to fund YepText and an advertising service.


19. Michael Dunlop.

After Dunlop’s teachers told him he wouldn’t be successful due to his dyslexia, he dropped out of high school. He then founded IncomeDiary.com, which offers business advice and earns him a six-figure income.


20. Maddie Bradshaw.

She was featured on Shark Tank to lure investors to finance her business of soda bottle top locker decorations. By the time she was 16, she had three investors and partners, and earned $1.6 million.


21. Justin Bieber.

Love him or hate him, Bieber was found on YouTube in 2007. Manager Scooter Braun accidentally clicked on one of his videos while searching for a different singer. He was so impressed that he tracked down Bieber, and at 13, brought him to Atlanta to record demos and sing for Usher. Bieber debuted his first album in 2009, and the 20-year-old is currently worth about $200 million.

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