19 People You Might Have Forgotten Were In ‘Star Wars’

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19 People You Might Have Forgotten Were In ‘Star Wars’

19 People You Might Have Forgotten Were In ‘Star Wars’

star wars

Check out some of the actors you may have completely forgotten were in some incarnation of the Galaxy Far Far Away, either because their role was just that small, they weren’t really famous at the time they did it, or because you’ve blanked the prequels from your memory.

keira knightley star wars

Keira Knightley

Three years before she’d break onto the scene in Bend It Like Beckham, and four years before she truly hit it big with Pirates of the Caribbean, Keira Knightley played Amidala’s (Natalie Portman) handmaiden/decoy Sabé in Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

dorme star wars

Rose Byrne

Also handmaidening it up in the prequels was Rose Byrne (Damages, X-Men: First Class, Neighbors) as Episode III: Revenge of the Sith‘s Dormé.


Tim Curry

Curry voiced pre-Emperor Emperor Palpatine in 10 episodes of the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

takei clone wars


George Takei

When Takei played General Lok Durd in one episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he became one of only a handful of actors to appear in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. Another is…

simon pegg dengar

Simon Pegg

…who played the bounty hunter Dengar in one episode of The Clone Wars. Dengar also appeared briefly in The Empire Strikes Back, where he was played by an actor named Morris Bush.

joe johnston

Joe Johnston

Before hopping into the directors chair for movies like Captain America, The Rocketeer, and Jumanji, Joe Johnston did visual effects for the original Star Wars trilogy (he designed Boba Fett’s armor, among other things). He was also used as an extra in A New Hope, where he played an Imperial gunner and a Stormtrooper on the Death Star.

domnic west star wars

Dominic West

The The Wire star had a tiny role as Naboo Palace Guard officer Jerus Jannick in The Phantom Menace.

boss nass blessed

Brian Blessed

The distinctive-voiced thesp provided the vocal cords behind Gungan leader Boss Nass in The Phantom Menace.

ratzenberger star wars

John Ratzenberger

Cheers actor and perpetual Pixar cameo-haver Ratzenberger had a small role as Major Bren Derlin, one of the Rebel soldiers in The Empire Strikes Back‘s Battle of Hoth.

armitage star wars

Richard Armitage

The Hobbit trilogy star was an extra in The Phantom Menace, where he played a Naboo pilot.

treat williams

Treat Williams

Emmy-nominated actor Williams (Everwood, Deep Rising, Once Upon a Time In America) got a The Empire Strikes Back cameo when he visited Carrie Fisher on set and… well, and just asked for one. It’s that easy? I’ll bet being a famous actor helps.


Lindsay Duncan

BAFTA-nominated British thesp Lindsay Duncan (most recently she the cantankerous theater critic Tabitha in Birdman) voiced female (well, programmed with a feminine voice) protocol droid TC-14 in The Phantom Menace.

jimmy smits star wars

Jimmy Smits

This is a larger role, but not as large as it should have been, because Jimmy Smits. He played Amidala’s friend–and, later, Princess Leia’s adoptive father–Senator Bail Organa in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.


Keisha Castle-Hughes

This Whale Rider star played Amidala’s successor to the throne of Naboo in Revenge of the Sith.

general veers

Julian Glover

Best known now for playing Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones, Glover played General Veers (one of the baddies in the Battle of Hoth) in The Empire Strikes Back.

joel edgerton star wars

Joel Edgerton

Before he was Tom Buchanan or Rameses, Australian actor Joel Edgerton was Owen Lars–aka Luke’s Uncle Owen–in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

bai ling

Bai Ling

Actress and fashion “icon” (sort of) Bai Ling was almost in Revenge of the Sith as Senator Bama Breemu, who was involved in the formation of the Rebellion. Her scenes were deleted, but one of them was included on the DVD release.


Sofia Coppola

Director Sofia Coppola, whose father Francis Ford Coppola is good friends with George Lucas, played the handmaiden Saché in The Phantom Menace.


Katee Sackhoff

This Battlestar Galactica actress played Mandalorian warrior Bo-Katan in four episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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