19 Krazy Facts About the Kardashians

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19 Krazy Facts About the Kardashians

19 Krazy Facts About the Kardashians

kardashian family

1. A basic but important fact that you might not know: Kris Jenner’s husband before Bruce, and father to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, was O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney in the case in which he was accused of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson. In the day’s following the murder of Nicole, O.J. Simpson stayed with the Kardashians. Kendall Jenner’s middle name is actually Nicole, after Nicole Brown Simpson.

2. Bruce Jenner placed 10th in the Decathlon in the 1972 Olympics. He then became one of the first people to devote his full-time schedule to training. He won the gold medal at the next Olympics.

3. Before Kim Kardashian was a household name, she was a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. Brandy’s brother then made her infamous, with the release of their sex tape.

4. Kourtney went to the University of Arizona, where she was classmates with Nicole Richie.

5. Due to the stress caused by her father’s death, Khloe’s hair began to fall out, and she needed to wear wigs and extensions.

6. Kourtney failed two college courses because of her fear of public speaking.

7. Kim has to blow dry her jewelry before putting it on, so it isn’t cold when it touches her skin.

8. In high school, Rob won several state cross country championships.

9. Kim got married in 2000 and divorced in 2004. She was only 19.

Some monetary facts:

10. Kim has an estimated net worth of $65 million. Kendall already has a net worth of $3 million.

11. Scott Disick’s net worth is estimated at $12 million.

12. Kim’s app makes over $700,000 a day.

13. Kourtney makes $125,000 for a single paid appearance.

14. Kim and Kris Humphries made money off their wedding – about $18 million.

15. Kendall and Kylie let OPI name a nail polish after them – about made $100,000 each.

16. Kim and Kanye spent half a million dollars on a North West body double, so their real child would be sheltered from the paparazzi.

17. For Kim to simply endorse a product, she will charge upwards of $1 million.

18. Kris Jenner gets $5,000 to tweet about a product.

And just for fun:

19. Kris Jenner made a music video in 1985 called “I Love My Friends.” Here it is:




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