18 Busiest Actors of All Time

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18 Busiest Actors of All Time

18 Busiest Actors of All Time

“Wow, that actor is in everything.” How many times have you said that about an actor in a TV show, movie or play?  Cause I know I’ve said it a lot.  Well, I bet you’ve said that about one of these names before since these actors have had the most acting appearances throughout their illustrious careers.

18) Bette Davis: Legendary actress Bette Davis had 123 acting appearances over her 60 career lasting from 1929-1989. Her last appearance was in the 1989 film Wicked Stepmother, although she dropped out of the project after filming began.


17) Susan Sarandon: Appearing in recent films such as Jeff, Who Live At Home and Tammy in addition to earning 5 Academy Award nominations for some of her older films.  This film icon has had 125 total acting appearances.


16) Anthony Hopkins: Known best for his terrifying portrayal of Hannibal Lector in the Silence of the Lambs films, Hopkins has had 127 acting appearances.  He has been acting since 1960.  Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter

15) John Gielgud: Gielgud appeared in 131 roles during his 94-year life.  He is so talented, he is one of the only EGOT winners, meaning he has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award. John_Gielgud

14) Patty Duke: Patty Duke first burst on to the scene in 1964, portraying Hellen Keller in the iconic film The Miracle Worker.  Though just 16 at the time, Duke has enjoyed an illustrious acting career, with 137 total acting appearances.


13) Robert Duvall: Little known fact, Robert Duvall’s first film appearance was the silent role of Arthur “Boo” Radley in the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird.  His acting career soon took off, as Duvall has been cast in every genre, from mob movies like The Godfather to PG rated films such as Kicking and Screaming.  Overall, Duvall has played 141 total roles.


12) Danny Glover: Despite being “too old for this sh*t” way back in 1987, Glover has continued to appear in films today.  Overall, Glover has racked up 145 total acting appearances.  (Despite the rumor, he is NOT related to Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.)


11) Samuel L. Jackson: From Pulp Fiction to the Avengers to Capital One commercials, Samuel L. Jackson has done it all.  Jackson has appeared in 148 acting appearances and is still going strong.


10) Michael Caine: Although now most recognizable as Alfred the Butler in the most recent Batman movies, Caine’s acting career dates back to 1953 as a walk-on part in a local theater production.  Caine’s great talent hasn’t gone unnoticed as he has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards. Michael-Caine-Wallpaper-michael-caine-2373724-1024-768

T9) Ray Milland: Although he may be unknown to a modern audience, Milland’s career lasted from  1929 until 1985.  At one point in his career, Milland was the highest paid actor in the world in addition to appearing in 172 different performances.


T9) Donald Sutherland: Tied with Milland is Donald Sutherland whose 172 performance career included roles in Animal House, M*A*S*H* and the Hunger Games trilogy.  donald_sutherland_435x290

7) Louis Gossett Jr.: The Brooklyn native has appeared in 173 different roles in his 58 year long acting career.


6) George Kennedy: Born into a theater family, Kennedy had his first of 181 acting experiences at the age of two.  Although he isn’t quite as active nowadays, he still keeps busy and will be appearing the in the upcoming movie The Gambler


5) James Earl Jones: Over his 60-year acting career, James Earl Jones has done it all.  From his 183 acting appearances, he has won several awards, including a Golden Globe, a Tony Award and 3 Emmy awards, including 2 in the same year.


4) Ernie Hudson: At the young age of 69, Ernie Hudson has mainly appeared in various TV roles and is probably best known as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters or Warden Leo Glynn on HBO’s Oz.  Hudson has had 191 acting appearances.


3) Ernest Borgnine: Borgnine’s 61 year career saw him appear in 204 different roles covering a wide range of characters.  One role I found particularly funny, is he voiced Mermaid Man on Spongebob Squarepants.

 Lifetime achievement honoree Ernest Borgnine waves after receiving his award at the 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles

2) Robert Loggia: Loggia, now 85 years old, has been acting since 1951, so it only makes sense he’s appeared in 224 different roles.


1) Christopher Lee: What hasn’t this guy been in? In recent movies, Lee has played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, Count Dracula, and Count Dooku in a few of the Star Wars movies.  Lee mainly plays bad guys in his roles in addition to being a very talented singer.  Lee has appeared in 273 total movies and is still going strong.


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