17 Things To Know About ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones’

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17 Things To Know About ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones’

17 Things To Know About ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones’

And now, we have easily the most forgettable, lame entry into the legendary Star Wars franchise. It’s hard to remember a single moment from this middle film of a poor trilogy, but here we go…

1. Jar Jar Binks, standing in for Senator Amidala, puts forth the motion that gives Palpatine supreme powers. This means that Jar Jar, the most hated character in the Star Wars canon, is indirectly responsible for the fall of the Old Republic and the near-annihilation of the Jedi order.


2. Just before Anakin goes to search for his mother on Tatooine, he has a conversation with Senator Amidala. The camera pans to their shadows as they talk, and Anakin’s resembles that of Darth Vader. According to the DVD commentary, the Vader-like shadow that Anakin casts was not a special effect but a coincidence.

3. With an estimated budget of $120 million, this is the most expensively-made of all the Star Wars films.


4. Actors auditioning for the part of Anakin included Ryan Phillippe, Paul Walker, Colin Hanksand Jonathan Brandis. In the end Hayden Christensen got the part, primarily because he and Natalie Portman “looked good together.”

5. This is the only Star Wars movie where the camera shot tilts up after the opening scroll to start the scene. In all other Star Wars movies, the camera shot tilts down after the scroll.

6. After making this film, Ewan McGregor appeared in Black Hawk Down, which required him to be clean-shaved and to have an extremely close buzz cut. New scenes with Obi-Wan Kenobi were then added to this film in post-production. Since McGregor had not had enough time to regrow his hair or a full beard, he had to be fitted with a hairpiece and prosthetic beard, which is often easily distinguished from his natural hair, as it appears in the rest of the film. These scenes include the conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin in the elevator; the exchange concerning the ‘changeling’ in the Outlander club; the Jedi temple talk between Obi-Wan, Mace and Yoda and his interrogation by Count Dooku.


7. This is also the longest Star Wars film at 142 minutes. Ironic, since nothing happens in it.

8. According to visual-effects supervisor John Knoll, a big cow-like creature that Anakin and Padmé frolic around in the fields with, can be seen in the asteroid belt that Obi-Wan flies through. One asteroid has legs.

9. Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Mace Windu, has said that the words “Bad mother-f*cker” are engraved on the hilt of of his lightsaber.

10. Every movie in the series closes with a scene with no dialogue. This movie ends with a ceremony with the main characters looking at one another, then out over the lake.


11. Only the even-numbered films of the original trilogy referred to important plot points in all capital letters during the opening crawl (e.g., DEATH STAR, GALACTIC EMPIRE). This film continues the tradition with its reference to the ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. The first and third prequels do not do this.

12. When Anakin is slaughtering the Tusken Raiders, Qui-Gon’s voice can be heard in the background. This is no accident. According to Star Wars canon, Qui-Gon’s Force-Ghost tried to stop Anakin’s rage, but failed.

13. Senator Amidala is the best shot; she almost never misses. This is a reference to her daughter, Leia, who also almost never misses.


14. Hayden Christensen claimed to have greatly enjoy filming the bar scene, because it was all a real set, and not just a blue screen.

15. Christensen became the only actor in any Star Wars movie who didn’t get to choose the design of his lightsaber. It had been a tradition, but Christensen was stuck using a saber of the same design that Obi-Wan gives Luke in Star Wars.

16. According to Animation Director Rob Coleman, not a single clone trooper suit was ever built. Every single clone trooper seen in the film is computer generated, with motion capture performed by ILM employees, wearing only the helmet and sometimes the footwear of the suit. The rest is complete CG.


17. Although Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) is the main villain and is mentioned in the opening crawl, he does not make his first appearance until 76 minutes into the film.

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