17 Facts You May Not Have Known About The ‘Catching Fire’ Movie

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17 Facts You May Not Have Known About The ‘Catching Fire’ Movie

17 Facts You May Not Have Known About The ‘Catching Fire’ Movie


1: Catching Fire grossed more than $424 million in North America. Domestically, it was the top grossing movie of 2013 and the top grossing female-lead film since The Exorcist in 1973.

2: Filming took place primarily in Atlanta, Georgia and Oahu, Hawaii. Many Capitol scenes were filmed at Atlanta’s Marriot Marquis hotel, which hosts an annual Dragon*con each year. District 12 scenes were shot in Ringwood, New Jersey.

3: Production ran for 87 days. During this time, the cast and crew racked up 14-hour days, 6 days per week.

4: Jennifer Lawrence went partially deaf for a week during filming. She suffered ear infections from diving into cold water and then fell into a pool of jets, which nearly ruptured her eardrum.

5: Francis Lawrence directed Catching Fire, but he had strong competition for the gig. Alfonoso Cuaron, David Cronenberg, Cary Fukunaga, Tomas Alfredson, and Joe Cornish were all strong contenders.


6: Jena Malone says she really took everything off during her stripping scene. The scene was filmed in the real Marriot elevator, which was not closed to the public. And yes, guests from the hotel got a real eyeful.

7: Elizabeth Banks’ Effie dresses were almost exclusively designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Effie went bigger and better with her fashion in the sequel.

8. British singer Ed Sheeren submitted three songs for this movie. All three were turned away.


9: Sam Claflin’s controversial casting paid off with his iconic performance in the chariot scene. He ate 2-3 sugar cubes during each take until the job was done. He ate an entire box of cubes by the time the scene was finished.

10: The cornucopia scenes were filmed in Hawaii, but the water the actors jumped into was 40 degrees.

11: Director Francis Lawrence listened to Hunger Games fans. The sequel mounted its cameras to avoid the shaky-cam problems that plagued the original film during the games.

12: 48 minutes of the arena scenes were filmed using IMAX cameras, which were so loud that the actors couldn’t hear each other speak. All of the actors in these scenes had to re-record their dialogue using ADR.


13: The cornucopia spun at 30 mph during the film’s final climax. Jennifer Lawerence and Jena Malone had to wear motion-sickness bracelets to keep from vomiting on camera.

14: The scene where Katniss, Finnick, and Peeta ate fish was real. As in, the fish was real, and it was completely raw. All three of these actors dislike fish, especially Jennifer Lawrence.

15: Sam Claflin broke his finger during the production process. He, Jennfer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson are all so clumsy that they each regularly fell while shooting in the jungle.

16: Coldplay was the first musical artist to be selected for the soundtrack. Lead singer Chris Martin began dating Jennifer Lawrence in summer 2014.

17: Reshoots were tough to schedule due to Jennifer Lawrence’s schedule. She flew back to Hawaii the day after winning the Best Actress Oscar to finish 9 more days of filming.

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