17 Facts About Brad Pitt

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17 Facts About Brad Pitt

17 Facts About Brad Pitt

One half of Hollywood’s power couple, Brad Pitt has been a fan darling for years. Check out the facts about the humanitarian hunk.

1. Although he was raised Southern Baptist, Pitt now identifies as somewhere between atheist and agnostic.

2. Pitt has been a gun owner since he was 6, when he inherited his grandfather’s shotgun.

3. Unlike many actors, Pitt stayed in school and even went on to college at the University of Missouri for journalism. However he decided journalism wasn’t for him and he left two weeks before graduation, moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

4. While he was auditioning and starting his career, he work at El Pollo Loco as the chicken mascot. He would wear a chicken suit and try to entice customers into the restaurant.

5. Pitt has dated a number of high-profile actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow (they were briefly engaged), Juliette Lewis (10 years younger, and still a teen when they dated), and of course Jennifer Aniston.

6.  In 1999 a young fan broke into Pitt’s home, dressed in his clothes, and spent 10 hours in the house before being found.

7. Aniston and Pitt met on a blind date thanks to their agents.

8. Because of his film Seven Years in Tibet, Pitt is banned from China. The film tells the story of China’s takeover of Tibet.

9. Although he dropped out of college, Pitt still has an eye for learning. He is fascinated with architecture and did an apprenticeship with Frank Gehry.

10. As a child, Pitt couldn’t make his middle school basketball team, so he started his own and called it the Cherokee Rejects.

11. Pitt went to fifth grade with David Spade.

12. To prep for Fight Club, Pitt willingly had his front teeth chipped by a dentist.

13. Ironically, Pitt injured his Achilles tendon while he was playing Achilles in the film Troy.

14. Together with Angelina Jolie he has six children, and the kids aren’t allowed to Google their parents.

15. Pitt designed his own line of furniture.

16. He is the 9th cousin of President Barack Obama, connected by Edwin Hickman who died in 1769.

17. After Hurricane Katrina, Pitt donated $5 million to rebuilding homes in New Orleans.


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