15 Personality Characteristics of ISTJs

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15 Personality Characteristics of ISTJs

15 Personality Characteristics of ISTJs

ISTJ is considered the most typical personality type, and it makes up around 13% of the population. If you have ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and have been defined as an ISTJ, here are your most common traits with a detailed look at your personality.


1. The defining characteristics are integrity, practical logic, and dedication to duty. This makes ISTJs a solid cornerstone to many families.

2. Organizations that are responsible for upholding traditions, rules, and standards benefit most from these personality types and are likely found in law enforcement, law offices, engineering, industrial maintenance, quality control, and military careers.


3. People with the ISTJ personality type pride themselves in taking responsibility for their actions and of the work they do. When working towards a goal, ISTJs hold back none of their time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.

4. They are determined and thorough when it comes to meeting their goals and stop at little to succeed, finding value in skill and organization.


5. ISTJs tend to be quiet and reserved and love the idea of security and peaceful living.

6. Seen in their career choices and home life, ISTJs showcase their loyalty, faithfulness, and dependability.

7. In personal relationships, they place great importance on honesty and integrity.

8. ISTJs find importance in factual information and will do their best to ensure that they are doing their duty of giving support where support is needed for causes and ideas.

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9. Though they may find it difficult to understand an idea that is different from their own, they respect the importance that idea or belief another person holds.

10. The ISTJ relies on their sensing preference, and although they may not always catch on to someone else’s emotions, once they do, they do their best to support that person in need.

11. Modesty is a huge trait in ISTJs, as they don’t always give themselves enough credit when it comes to their achievements. Those accomplishments, to them, are simply the fulfillment of their obligations.

12. At times, an ISTJ can go into “catastrophe mode”, getting wrapped up in the things that could go wrong. Since they hold themselves to such high standards, they can easily become depressed over the idea that they could have done something differently and gotten a better outcome from a situation.


13. They are fairly introverted when if comes to their thought process and will methodically make their plans so they come out right the first time.


14. Since ISTJs don’t rely on intuition, they favor their senses; anything they can prove or disprove – like science – is how they base their beliefs.

15. Emotional displays are really a sign of weakness for these types and will often keep their outer emotions in check before blowing up or breaking down in public.



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