15 of the Weirdest Words of the American Dialects

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15 of the Weirdest Words of the American Dialects

15 of the Weirdest Words of the American Dialects

Let’s face it: we Americans talk weird. We have multiple dialects across the country, and all of these have their own terms. Read on for 15 examples of the strangest dialect words in all of America.

  1. Goaty

Definition: Bad-smelling

This word comes to us from the Ocracoke Dialect, spoken by people who live on the Outer Banks Island of Ocracoke in North Carolina.

  1. Mo Chagren

Definition: I’m sorry

This phrase, of French origin, comes from the Cajun speakers of Louisiana.

  1. Gris Gris

Definition: An amulet or talisman that is meant to protect the wearer from evil

This term is also from the Cajun speakers of Louisiana, but the word itself probably came from the African word juju.

  1. Jasper

Definition: Outsider, stranger

This word comes from the Smoky Mountain people (who live in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee), whose language comes from a large variety of sources, including Scots-Irish, English, German, Polish, Swiss, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Native Americans.

  1. Meehonkey

Definition: Hide-n-seek

This comes from the same source as “goaty” – the Ocracoke dialect from North Carolina.

  1. Noogs

Definition: Sweets or desserts

This word comes from one of the most unique dialects of American English – the Smith Island dialect from Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. It’s such an isolated dialect that it has been described as “Elizabethan,” “Shakespearean,” and “Old” English.

  1. Open and Shut Day

Definition: A day with variable weather

When you come from a farming community, words for the weather become plentiful – this phrase comes from the plentiful farms of New England.

  1. Cahbin

Definition: Bathroom

This is yet another word from the Louisiana Cajuns.

  1. Toten

Definition: Ghost

This word comes from a unique dialect of English – Lumbee vernacular English. Since the loss of their own language, the Lumbee Indians developed their own distinctive way of speaking English as a form of group identity.

  1. Sigogglin

Definition: Tilted or leaning at an angle

This word comes from the Smoky Mountain talkers, whose homeland is itself somewhat sigogglin.

  1. Mommuck

Definition: Mess up

This odd term once again comes from that land of linguistic oddities, Ocrocoke Island, North Carolina.

  1. Juvember

Definition: Slingshot

This is yet another Lumbee Vernacular English word from North Carolina.

  1. Dooryard

Definition: Where you park your car

This word comes from New England, especially southeast Maine.

  1. Numb as a Hake

Definition: Not very bright

This phrase is from the same area as “dooryard” – southeast Maine.

  1. Headiness

Definition: Very bad

This is another Lumbee word, but it is shared with other Southern Coastal dialects.

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