13 Stories Once Upon a Time Hasn’t Told Yet

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13 Stories Once Upon a Time Hasn’t Told Yet

13 Stories <i>Once Upon a Time</i> Hasn’t Told Yet

For all of you Once Upon a Time fans out there, we know you’re all freaking out over the winter finale. While the first half of this season has had its own twists and turns with the addition of Frozen, this second half looks equally chilling as a few new characters (and by characters we mean villains) are added to the mix!

With all the stories yet to unfold in the second half of this season, what about all the ones Once Upon a Time hasn’t told yet?

1. Mary Poppins

With Regina and Emma involved with their own love interests, it might be interesting to have Henry’s nanny be practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins.

2. Pocahontas

We’ve already seen several different Disney princesses, but what about the real life princess Pocahontas? Perhaps John Smith could sail in mistaking Storybrooke for the New World.

3. The Princess and the Frog

Imagine how creepy Storybrooke would get when Mr. Gold and Dr. Facilier battle it out over dark magic.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

How cool would it be to have wacky Willy Wonka running around Storybrooke? Even cooler if like with the Peter Pan arc they made his character a villain.

5. Toy Story

In the movies, we see these toys interact with each other as real life humans, but what if they were actually brought to life as humans through Storybrooke?

6. Anastasia 

Although she’s not a “Disney” princess, it would be really neat to see her interacting with Snow White and Belle, especially if she has memory loss of her true identity.

7. Aladdin 

While Once Upon a Time‘s spin-off series touched a bit on the magical genie and Jafar, the main characters Aladdin and Jasmine haven’t made an appearance on the show yet.

8. Brave

The show has already implemented Frozen, why not continue this new Disney movies trend by adding Princess Merida to its character list?

9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A classic Disney animation that would be a beautiful story to tell on the show. Finding self-confidence in yourself when everyone else sees you as a monster. We can see the parallels already.

10. Hercules 

This could open a whole new world for Once Upon a Time what with magical gods and goddesses. And how funny would Meg’s lines be?

11. Tarzan

Perhaps one of the most underrated Disney movies, it would be nice to see this feature put into action. And we have a feeling Jane and Belle would get along perfectly.

12. Winnie the Pooh

How interesting would this story line be? A grown up Christopher Robin running around asking people if they’ve seen his talking bear friend. He might even bond with Henry after everyone in town thinks his tale is crazy.

13. Pirates of the Caribbean 

We’ve already seen some incorporation of pirates on the show what with Blackbeard and of course, Hook, but what about the famous Jack Sparrow? Is Storybrooke equipped to handle two pirates?

What stories do you think Once Upon a Time should tell next?

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