13 More of the Weirdest Words in America

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13 More of the Weirdest Words in America

13 More of the Weirdest Words in America

However you’d like to say it, we Americans talk weird. As we have discussed before, there are many dialects, and many of them have their own terms, leaving us with a very odd assortment of terms. Take, for example…

  1. Chuke

Definition: Stocking cap

This word comes right from the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  1. Jubious

Definition: Strange

Jubious comes from a special dialect of English called Lumbee English, which was created by a group of American Indians who lost their own language to the oncoming tide of English.

  1. Boomer

Definition: Red squirrel

This isn’t just any red squirrel. The Boomer is a specific species that is native to the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Co Faire?

Definition: Why?

This is one of the many, many Cajun terms that comes from French.

  1. Ellick

Definition: Coffee

This is yet another Lumbee word from North Carolina, but actually implies that the coffee has sugar in it.

  1. Dope

Definition: Soft drink, soda pop

This is another term coming out of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

  1. Snow Cow

Definition: Moose

This is another one of those frozen words from the Yuppers of Upper Michigan.

  1. Sorry in the world

Definition: Sad

This is another expression from the Lumbee Indians.

  1. Fly Flap

Definition: Flyswatter

This word comes from the one of the most unique dialects – the Smith Island dialect. In any case, “fly flap” is just as good a word for a floppy piece of plastic used to take out flies than anything else.

  1. Buck

Definition: male friend

The word “buck” is used by people from Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina.

  1. Fais do-do

Definition: Go to sleep

Like many Cajun terms, “fais do-do” comes from French.

  1. Haint

Definition: Ghost

This word (similar to “haunt”) comes from the people of the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Kofered

Definition: Warped or bent

This is another old-fashioned Smith Island word. It’s thought that this word comes from the now-obselete “coffer,” which means to twist or warp.

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