13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chuck Norris

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13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chuck Norris

13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chuck Norris

It is said that one roundhouse kick can is equal to the power of the big bang. He is a martial arts master and a force to be reckoned with. Chuck Norris is a legend in his own right. But did you know these facts about the legendary fighter?

1. His Real Name

The name “Chuck” was in fact not bestowed upon him when he entered the earth. He was given the name Carlos Ray Norris, which he later changed to Chuck.

2. He Hasn’t Lost

It’s true. Chuck hasn’t lost a fight since 1968, and all of those losses he experienced were early on. By the end of his martial arts career, he had a whopping record of 168-10-2.

3. Action Jeans

When you think about it, regular jeans just don’t have the give and flexibility when it comes to doing a flying-roundhouse-kick to someone’s face. That’s why good old Chuck invented Chuck Norris Action Jeans. They’re redesigned to give a better fit in the waist and thighs.

4. He’s A Published Author

In addition to the plethora of all the other amazing things that Norris has done over the span of his career, he also is a New York Times Best Selling Author. Some of the books that he has written include Black Belt Patriotism: How To Reawaken America, two fiction books – The Justice Riders and A Threat To Justice, and of course, his autobiographical Against All Odds.

5. 8th Degree Black Belt

Norris was the very first westerner to be bestowed the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master in Taekwondo. Oh, did we also mention that he started his very own martial arts called Chun Kuk Do, which means Universal Way.

6. He Taught The Likes of Donny Osmond

Norris boasts a rather large repertoire of famous students, including Steven McQueen and Bruce Lee. McQueen and Lee were also pallbearers at Lee’s funeral. McQueen in turn urged Norris to go into acting. At least we’re glad Osmond didn’t urge him into musical theater!

7. Missing In Action

Chuck had a real-life brother, Weiland, who was tragically killed in Vietnam during the 1970’s. Norris went on to dedicated the film Missing In Action to his brother’s memory. Norris also continued to make several films and movies about a soldier going back and saving his brothers in arms.

8. Warrior

While some people pretend on-screen to play a Cherokee Indian, one of the most famed and incredible group of native Americans that the world has ever seen? Well, Chuck didn’t have to. He actually had Cherokee blood pumping through those veins of his. But despite that fact, growing up as a mixed-heritage child of Irish and Cherokee, he grew up being bullied.

9. He Has A Cartoon

For those kids who just couldn’t get enough of Mr. Norris, there was the Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos cartoon, which was an animated television series that aired in 1986, created and starred in by Norris himself.

10. He’s A Philanthropist

Norris always loved working with children in schools teaching them martial arts skills. But since 1990, he refocused all of his efforts on his KickStart Kids program, which was developed in order to help give at-risk kids a focus in their life, and hopefully keep them off of drugs.

11. Honorary Marine

Recently, Chuck has been bestowed the honor of honorary United States Marine, as well as an honorary Texas Ranger, although, we can probably guess why he was given that honorary title.

12. Spokesman

Norris has been a spokesman for a variety of products including the Total Gym, T-Mobile and World of Warcraft. Not too shabby for a man who just turned 75 earlier this year.

13. He Loves ‘D’

When he named his children, all of them had names with the letter D beginning them, of course, with the exception of his son Eric, there is Dakota, and Danilee. There was also of course, Dina, who was the result of an extra-marital affair, whom he didn’t meet until she was 26 years old.

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