12 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is probably one of the most iconic CEO and computer innovators in modern history. His stamp on technology and pop culture cannot be measured or quantify. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc.

1. College Dropout. After he graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs attended Reed College for a semester before he dropped out of school. However, he did take a few college classes and courses over the next 18 months.


2. Yahoo!. With the emergence of Google and Internet search, Apple and Steve Jobs almost bought Yahoo! to gain a foothold in the growing Internet market. Jobs teamed up with Disney CEO Bob Iger to buy the Internet company, but the pair never made the purchase.


3. You’re Fired! Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, after a downswing in sales and product innovation. He left to form a new company called Next!, but returned to Apple in 1997 after the company was on the brink of collapse. He turned around Apple with the release of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

4. He was Adopted. His biological parents opted not to get married when Steve Jobs’ mother Joanne Carole Schieble got pregnant, so they put him up for adoption. Clara and Paul Jobs later adopted Steve Jobs, as a baby.

5. Breakout. Steve Jobs helped make and design the video game Breakout for Atari.


6. One Dollar. While Steve Jobs was worth over $30 billion at the time of his death in 2011, his yearly salary was only one dollar. It might seem that he was giving his Apple employees a good gesture by taking such a low salary, the reality was he didn’t have to pay much in taxes when he only earned a dollar a year.


7. Buddhist. During the summer of 1974, Steve Jobs wet on a spiritual journey through India, where he became a Zen Buddhist.


8. Used To Be Homeless. After he dropped out of college, Steve Jobs spent months as a homeless man, moving from couch to couch.

9. Pixar. Steve Jobs bought Pixar from Lucasfilm for $10 million. He turned it into an animation juggernaut with the release of Toy Story in 1995. Steve Jobs also produced the animated film.


10. Anywhere But Here. The book and movie is dedicated to Steve Jobs because its author Mona Simpson, born Mona Jandali, is his biological sister. The two didn’t meet until 1982.


11. Pescetarian. He never ate red meat or chicken, but he did eat fish and only fish. The way he viewed animals also affected Apple and Pixar’s relationship with other corporations, such as not providing Toy Story Happy Meal toys for McDonald’s.


12. Apple. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in his garage after Woz made the Apple I. While Jobs and Wozniak are credited as co-founders of Apple Computers, there was actually a third man who also co-founded the company. Ronald Wayne was in administration for Apple, but sold his shares for $800 before the company started to get successful with the release of the Apple II. He later was given $1,500 to forfeit any claims as a founder.


Source: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

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