11 Weird Quirks Of Mozart

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11 Weird Quirks Of Mozart

11 Weird Quirks Of Mozart

His works are well-known throughout the world, and classical music libraries everywhere have at least one of his works. There is no denying that Mozart was a musical genius. But like any great genius, he had some eccentricities about him, little quirks, if you will.

1. Wolfgang

While his full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his family had lovingly nicknamed him “Wolfie.”

2. The Sound Of Music

He was a rare musical genius seemingly out of the womb. Before he could even write words, Mozart was writing music instead.

3. A Kick In The…

At one time during his life, Mozart had worked for the archbishop of Salzburg. However, Mozart relinquished his position after the archbishop’s secretary gave Mozart a swift kick in the rear end.

4. Wordsmith Wolfie

Mozart loved wordplay and he often would make up various nicknames for his friends. Just a few include Countess Makewater, Princess Dunghill, Prince Potbelly von Pigtail and Duchess Smackbottom.

5. Kitty Cat

While another great composer, Freddie Mercury liked to talk to his cats, Mozart liked to imitate a cat, especially when he was rehearsing an opera with his singers. It is said that he would grow easily bored and begin swiftly leaping over tables and chairs while meowing.

6. A Hypothesis

Many experts hypothesize that Mozart may have suffered from either ADHD or Tourette’s.

7. A Strange Quirk, Indeed

Mozart certainly had a strange obsession with scatology – or the obsession with flatulence and defecation.

8. Quick Thinking

Mozart was able to listen to a piece of music only once, and was then able to write it down from memory with zero mistakes.

9. Wanderlust

The composer absolutely loved to travel. He spent fourteen of his thirty-six years traveling the world.

10. A Tender Age

At just six years old, Mozart would play in front of royalty. At merely three years-old he had learned to play a clavier, which is an old-fashioned stringed instrument which possessed a keyboard. By five, he was playing violin and harpsichord as well as any professional. By eight years old, he had penned his very first symphony.

11. Southpaw

Mozart was left-handed.

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