11 Terrible Movie Thanksgivings (To Make You Feel Better About Your Own)

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11 Terrible Movie Thanksgivings (To Make You Feel Better About Your Own)

11 Terrible Movie Thanksgivings (To Make You Feel Better About Your Own)

Depending on your family, Thanksgiving can mean anything from happy reunions to drunken brawls. However you spend the day, here are 11 families whose Thanksgivings are sure to make yours look like a turkey-filled heaven on Earth.


11. Son In Law


Living squarely in Guilty Pleasure territory, Son In Law is highly enjoyable, but is sure to make you appreciate your family, if for no other reason than because Pauly Shore isn’t part of it.


10. Home For the Holidays


This one might strike a tad too close to home for some of you. This movie (directed by Jodie Foster) is chock full of bickering, boredom, and chaos, but still manages to remind why you’ll be sad to leave at the end of the weekend.


9. Dutch


Ed O’Neil and a teeny tiny Ethan Embry star in this John Hughes movie about a man and his girlfriend’s son bonding/trying not to kill each other on a cross-country road trip.


8. Scent of a Woman


Will you be spending Thanksgiving weekend driving around a blind Al Pacino? No? Than you’ve got this movie beat. Hoo-ah.


7. Alice’s Restaurant


Unless your typical Thanksgiving involve the city dump, getting arrested, and being called up for the draft, you’re doing better than Arlo Guthrie in this 1969 film adaptation of his song by the same name.


6. Hannah and Her Sisters


This movie is bookended by Thanksgivings, with enough infidelity, backstabbing and general drama in between to definitely make you appreciate your family by comparison.


5. The House of Yes


Hurricanes, incest, and delusions of Kennedyism, this is the ultimate movie to make you feel better about your own family.


4. Pieces of April

This may be one of the most under-appreciated holiday movies ever made, but the family’s dysfunction (combined with Katie Holmes’ insanely grimy apartment) make us glad this is fiction, and not our own Thanksgiving reality.


3. ThanksKilling


Unless a demon turkey is killing all your dinner guests, you win this holiday.


2. The Ice Storm

ice storm

How could we forget The Ice Storm, which gave us the best Thanksgiving blessing of all time:

Dear Lord, thank you for this Thanksgiving holiday. And for all the material possessions we have and enjoy. And for letting us white people kill all the Indians and steal their tribal lands. And stuff ourselves like pigs, even though children in Asia are being napalmed.


1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Was there any question that there could be a list of Thanksgiving movies that didn’t have this as its #1?

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