11 Reasons Doctor Who is the Perfect Analogy for your Love Life

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11 Reasons Doctor Who is the Perfect Analogy for your Love Life

11 Reasons Doctor Who is the Perfect Analogy for your Love Life


Doctor Who (yes that popular show about a space-traveling Timelord who’s had more faces than Big Ben) has always been close to my heart(s). Although the stories, the style and the monsters are reason alone to draw you in, I feel an affinity with the show for its eerie ability to consistently reflect my own love life.

So Autons and Cybermen, Songs and Ponds, I present to you one of the geekier analogies on the Internet.


1. Traveling Solo

You’re fine alone, but floating through space and time in a box by yourself can be an empty experience and eventually you want to share the universe with someone else.


2. The New Companion

It doesn’t matter how they came in to your life… maybe they materialised on your TARDIS wearing a wedding dress, maybe you swiped right on Tinder. What’s important is that you found each other and you’ve plucked up the courage to give them the key to your little blue box.


3. The Adventure Begins

At first everything is fresh and exciting. You go traveling together and maybe even save the universe a few times.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 18.33.02

4. You Save Each Other

From the Daleks- from the Cybermen- from yourselves… and you can’t imagine a world (or indeed a parallel one) without them in it.


5. Building Towards Something

You don’t know what it is, but there’s a feeling in the air. You’re getting dangerously close to the end of the season and the tone’s changing. Something’s got to give and in the back of your mind you’ve got an idea what it is. But you don’t want to face it. Not yet. You look to the heavens, ‘Please Moffat, no!’


6. Doomsday

But eventually you’re going to have your Doomsday, your Weeping Angels in Central Park, your weeping man in a Walmart parking lot because you’ve just received the ‘I can’t do this anymore’ text. That’s not important (and I’m over you Michelle), what’s important is the dawning realization that the adventures have to stop.


7. The Teary Goodbye

And before you know it you’re on a beach in rural Norway, teary eyed, heart fluttering, just to get a glimpse of them one last time. And it’s hurts. And you’d burn up a sun for just two more minutes with them, but deep down you know it has to end… and it does.


8. The Silence

And you sort of just wish you’d dated one of the Silence, because at least when you turned away from them, you wouldn’t have to live with the pain of remembering everything.


9. You Regenerate

You become whomever you have to in order to deal with it. Maybe this involves changing the color of your bow tie and parking up in the clouds, maybe you just need to be a grumpy old Scotsman for a while. One thing’s for sure, you no longer recognise yourself, but somewhere deep down you’re in there (even if you’re played by Colin Baker).

colin baker

10. Back in the TARDIS again

And before you know it you’re back traveling across the universe. You get to thinking about all the people that have come in and out of your life and you realize that the TARDIS will never be empty as long as you’ve got such precious memories.


11. Let Zygons be Zygons

It’s bittersweet, but the show must go on.


Maybe this is the real reason the Doctor has two hearts?

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