11 of the Best High School Movies Starring Evil Girls

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11 of the Best High School Movies Starring Evil Girls

11 of the Best High School Movies Starring Evil Girls

Evil takes its true form in female high school students. Something about the intermixing of sweet, innocent youth and the cruelest of intentions chills the blood more than any outwardly sinister villain ever could. Watch any of the following movies and you’ll understand exactly what I mean…

1. “Heathers”

Evil begets evil in this color-coded high school horror story. The movie begins with one Heather who malevolently rules the school, then it continues to explore the dark psyches of her peers after she…well, I won’t spoil it.


2. “Jawbreaker”

Rose McGowan nails the role of evil, high school beauty with seeming ease. Her cunning and manipulative acts after the accidental death of her best friend (also the most popular girl in school) truly defy what you think people under the age of 18 are capable of.


3. “Poison Ivy”

In this movie, Drew Barrymore goes from dream best friend to worst nightmare in a nail-biting series of events that culminate in some truly psychopathic acts. She only wears pink, white, and red and looks amazing in every outfit.

poison ivy

4. “Mean Girls”

Okay, so Rachel McAdams as Regina George isn’t quite as sinister as some of the other teenage girls on this list, but she definitely has her moments. What’s worse than convincing someone you’ll help her win over her crush and then stealing him away for yourself instead? Oh yeah, murder.

mean girls

5. “The Craft”

Black magic defines the evil in this amazing cult classic from the 90s. Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs summons snakes and sends curses to the tune of hell.

the craft

6. “Cruel Intentions”

Sarah Michelle Geller plays the famously “cruel” tormenter of fresh, innocent Reese Witherspoon in this well known tale of what happens when evil meddles too deep in others’ lives.

cruel intentions

7. “She’s All That”

Taylor (Freddie Prinze Jr.’s ex-girlfriend played by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) is evil, for sure, but don’t forget the clown-drawing artist girls with a dark streak that can go too far…I mean, suggesting someone kill herself? Truly evil.

she's all that

8. “Wild Things”

The number of twists and turns in this movie is almost as astounding as the cold-hearted antics of Neve Campbell and Denise Richards as they mess with each other, a somewhat ridiculous Matt Dillon as the school guidance counselor, and Kevin Bacon as cop.

wild things

9. “Thirteen”

Nikki Reed as Evie basically ruins Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy’s life in this downward spiral, pre-teen (that’s right, the evil has not even grown into its teenage years yet) “coming of age” tale—one of the most sinister coming of age movies I can think of.


10. “Carrie”

Obviously “Carrie” makes it onto this list. Every incarnation of the movie has equally cruel girls just begging to unleash the truly superior evil of Carrie.


11. “Jennifer’s Body”

Let’s call this one a new cult classic. Megan Fox plays one of the sexiest, possessed villains ever to reach the high school movie genre. Her evil is slasher evil, and it’s perfect.

Jennifers Body

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