11 Bizarre Athlete Superstitions in Sports

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11 Bizarre Athlete Superstitions in Sports

11 Bizarre Athlete Superstitions in Sports


Sometimes professional athletes have the weirdest superstitions and rituals to get them ready for the game. If they don’t perform or carry on these strange traditions, they might not have a good game. Here are 11 bizarre examples.

1. Serena Williams. Before every match, Serena Williams has to bring her shower sandals to the court, has to tie her shoes a special way, and she also wears the same pair of smelly socks during a tournament. Serena Williams also finally bounces the ball five times before her first serve and twice before her second.


2. Jason Giambi. If he was in a hitting slump, Jason Giambi would wear a golden thong under his uniform in the hopes he’d break it with a hit.


3. Michael Jordan. During every game in the NBA, Michael Jordan would wear his University of North Carolina basketball shorts under his Chicago Bulls shorts as good luck. It seemed to have worked for MJ because he would six NBA championships in eight years.


4. Caron Butler. When he was in college and during his early days in the NBA, Caron Butler used to drink a two-liter jug of Mountain Dew during every game. He’d drink half of it before a game and then finish the second half before halftime. He switched to water during his later days in the league.


5. Moises Alou. Believe it or not, he would urinate on his hands throughout the season to harden them because he didn’t like wearing batting gloves. Now that’s gross!


6. Bruce Gardiner. During a dry streak in scoring, hockey player Bruce Gardiner would dunk his hockey stick in the toilet for good luck, on the advice of veteran Tom Chorske. He helped him get out of his slump, so he dunked his stick in the toilet before every game.

7. Mike Bibby. Mike Bibby would clip his fingernails during every timeout and when he went to the bench during a game. The superstition got to the point where someone would just hand him fingernail clippers when he went to the bench.


8. Turk Wendell. MLB pitcher chewed four pieces of black licorice while pitching. Between innings he would spit out the licorice and brush his teeth before putting another four pieces when he would take the mound. He believed it would help him be a better pitcher.


9. Jason Terry. He would wear the opposing team’s shorts when he went to sleep the night before game time. He felt that this would get him mentally prepared for the next game. Jason Terry would eat chicken before every game as well as part of his pre-game routine.


10. Alex Ovechkin. He has sex before and after every game to stay sharp on the ice. You can’t argue with the results because he’s one of the best players in the NHL today!

11. John Henderson. NFL defensive tackle John Henderson has to get slapped across the face before every game. The team’s assistant team trainer usually takes the “honor” to slap him.

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