11 Apple Innovations and Products That Changed Technology

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11 Apple Innovations and Products That Changed Technology

11 Apple Innovations and Products That Changed Technology


With the release of the new Apple Watch, it’s interesting to look back at past Apple products and devices and how they changed how we use technology. While it’s unclear if the Apple Watch will succeed or fail, we know Apple is certainly in place for another great innovation on this list. Here are 11 Apple innovations and products that changed technology.

    • Macintosh. In 1984, Apple Computers released the Macintosh and changed how normal everyday people used computers. Before the Macintosh, computers weren’t considered household items, but rather something for engineers. With the Macintosh, people started using computers for personal accounting, writing, and leisure.


    • iPod. While there were MP3 players in the market, Apple iPod was the most fashionable and easy to use. It started a music revolution, where people could now carry 1,000 songs with them without carrying multiple CDs or a CD player.


    • Apple II. The Apple II was Apple’s first big hit! While the Apple I brought the young computer company into the market with bigger companies like IBM, the Apple II introduced a majority of Americans to Apple in general.


    • iPhone. The modern smartphone wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the original iPhone. Before the iPhone, people would use Blackberries if they wanted Internet access on the go, or a standard flip phone to make mobile phone calls and text messaging. The iPhone combined everything into one, easy to use device.


    • Apple Store. The Apple retail store was the best way to get Apple products directly into the hands of consumers. Apple didn’t have to rely on electronic retailers anymore and now other computer companies are building their own standalone retail shops, like Microsoft and Google.


    • iMac. Before the iMac, Apple was on the verge of collapse during the mid-90s. But with the return of Steve Jobs and the introduction of the iMac, Apple Computers stayed a company to give the world technology innovations like the ones listed above and below.


    • App Store. With the advent of the iPhone, Apple launched the Apple App Store to sell applications for their devices. Before the App Store, consumers had to go all over the Internet to find applications, but Apple fixed that where we now just go to one convenient local to download apps and media.


    • Icons. It might sound like a small thing, but icons is an Apple innovation that we still use to this day. Before icons, people had to type out long commands to do anything with a computer. Apple made it easier for people to use a computer with icons. People now understood that a folder keeps documents in one place because the icon looked like a physical folder. It’s something that we take for granted, but it’s also something that wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for Apple Computers.


    • iTunes. iTunes was always just a place where you store and play your music, but in 2003, Apple re-launched iTunes to include a store where you could legally buy music. Before the iTunes expansion, people either ripped their CDs or illegally downloaded music, Apple made the process of getting music on your iPod easy with iTunes.


    • iPad. People didn’t think we needed a big iPhone or iPod Touch in our day-to-day lives, but with the release of the iPad, it’s hard to imagine what consumer electronic would be without it.


    • Commercials. One of the reasons why Apple is so successful is they know how to market their products in such a way that you absolutely need them. Soon after the famous Ridley Scott “1984” Super Bowl Macintosh commercial, Apple positioned themselves as a sexier alternative to the status quo.
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