10 Weirdest Hotels Around the World

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10 Weirdest Hotels Around the World

10 Weirdest Hotels Around the World

We all have a desire to travel the world and embrace what it has to offer from gorgeous beach settings

to brightly lit cities. For most of us the vacation comes from the local and pretty much ends in the hotel.

Yeah sure, those fluffy pillows and free shampoos are great but you really only rent a hotel so you don’t

sleep on a bench in a nearby park.

But for those of you who prefer your vacation to be interesting 24/7 then this is the list for you! Here is

but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique hotel stays.


10. Hotel De Glace (Quebec, Canada)

Hotels made of ice are an alarmingly common thing around the world it would seem but Hotel De Glace

is the ONLY one in North America. The Hotel De Glace offers it’s a variety of Ice made rooms and

activities including The Ice Café, The Ice Spa and there is even a Hockey Suite (because Canada). If you

want to book your stay you have to do it between January and March. That’s right, this is no trick of the

camera hotel it really is made out of ice (500 tons of it) and would melt in the warm months. Nobody

likes soggy blankets.

And if you have been looking to have that Frozen themed wedding you wanted then good news, there is

even an Ice Chapel! *Talking Snowman not included.



9. Sala Silvermine (Sala, Sweden)

For the person who really, really wants to get away I recommend The Mine Suite that sits 508 feet

underground (155 meters). You can spend the night underground in this lavish looking mine suite for

only 3.900 SEK (0.52 in USD!!!). Of course the downfall is no cell reception, it’s 35 degrees (2 degrees

Celsius) in the mine all year round and well…you’re pretty much stuck in the mine until morning when a

member of the staff comes down to get you.

The do say the room itself is in a “warmer hall” so the room is actually around 64 degrees (18 degrees

Celsius) which isn’t too bad. Also, a member of staff is on call all night and can be reached by intercom

so you aren’t totally isolated. And if you are claustrophobic you can stay in the above ground hostel that

has all the amenities you would need and…windows.



8. V8 Hotel (Stuttgart, Germany)

This is the hotel for the gear head in your life, and if that’s you then get to it! The V8 Hotel is actually a

renovated airport. The entire design is centered on classic and contemporary cars of all kinds. The hotel

consists of 4 single rooms, 19 double rooms and 10 themed rooms.

You can sleep at the local filling station in your Herbie the Love Bug bed or you can take in a late movie

at the drive in cinema room. And if you aren’t getting enough cars in your hotel you can go visit the

nearby Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums.



7. The Balancing Barn (Suffolk, England)

Okay, it’s not technically a hotel because it only allows 8 people at a time but it still counts. The

Balancing Barn is just what it seems, a barn like house that balances on a hill with one of its ends jutting

out. It’s sort of cheat though because it’s also sort of held in place by wires so you aren’t at much of a

risk but I still don’t suggest having a gathering at one end of the barn.

The Balancing Barn is located right outside of a sleepy town in Suffolk, England. It’s a great chance to

escape to the English countryside as well as a coastal beach setting. Basically it’s the best of both

vacation worlds and you get to stay in a cozy hotel that could tip over at any moment!



6. The Tree Hotel (Norbotten County, Sweden)

As children we all had encounters with Treehouses of some kind. They were in all of our movies and

books, friends had them, and maybe you were lucky enough to have one yourself! Well if you missed

out or simple just miss the treehouses of your childhood, you can spend a few nights in a 4 Star one!

Currently there are 7 “rooms” available (they hope for 8-10) and they are all themed accordingly. You

can stay in The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone, The UFO, or The Dragonfly. If you

want a change of scenery you could venture over to The Tree Spa. I would definitely choose the UFO and

live out my dream as an Agent of The X-Files.



5. The Beer Moth Truck (Scotland)

Notice there isn’t a specific place attached to Scotland? That’s because The Beer Moth is a converted

1956 Commer Q4 fire truck. Its capacity is room for two and also the perfect romantic getaway seeing as

pets are allowed but not kiddies.

It comes fit with a double bed, a mini kitchen, and a removable canopy. You can rent this truck and

explore the lush Scottish country and sleep under the stars! Sorry though, I can’t seem to locate a

bathroom on the truck.



4. Dasparkhotel (Ottensheim, Austria)

Maybe a mobile or treetop hotel is too fancy for you? To busy? You want something nice, simple, and

quiet. The Dasparkhotel is comprised of recycled sewer drains and are basically a place to come and


As a writer this sounds amazing! A nice place to get away from it all but still have electric? Sign me up!

While the idea of sleeping in a former sewer drain you have to wonder if it is all some weirdly metaphor

on life or if it is really a bunch of guys getting the last laugh by convincing you to sleep in one?



3. Le Hamster Villa (Nantes, France)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a small domestic rodent? If the answer was yes (and it undoubtedly was) then Le Hamster Villa is the aluminum cage you’ve been looking for! A quirky touch to the French countryside allows its guests to stay in human size hamster cages, complete with human size exercise wheel. Additional commodities include hamster hats, water dispensed by standing on a metal plate and plenty of organic cereals.

Google translate also has the page saying you can enjoy “bathroom SURPRISES”…not sure what that means but it can’t be bad, right?



2Earthship (Taos, New Mexico)

Eco-lovers will get a kick out of this futuristically designed place. It’s comprised of several houses, full houses that include Wi-Fi, a fireplace, Apple TV with Netflix, bed, bath, etc. Their Phoenix Room even has a jungle green house with a fish pond and birds.

Earthship is 100% ecofriendly down to the solar panels and growing your own food. Well not from scratch, most of it is already grown but you are expected to maintain everything during your stay. You will live off the grid but still connected.



1. Propeller Island City Lodge (Berlin, Germany)


I saved this for number one because it reminds me of a recurring dream I used to have as a child. I would be in a mansion and each room would be a different color and everything in that room would be that color. Propeller Island is sort of like that but their themed rooms are quite more elaborate than my dream.

There are 30+ rooms in this hotel but it would seem that they intend you to live within a work of art. A lot of the rooms are furnished with easily damageable items and you even get a manual on how to not destroy things. Though some of the rooms are really quite intriguing such as the Dwarf Room that is 4ft 7in high and has plastic gnomes to keep you company. Or the Padded Cell room which is decorated like a mental institution. Oh, and there is no television or radio but you can listen to a variety of soundscapes on the sound system. The sounds were even recorded by the creator of Propeller Island City Lodge.



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